Day 21 – Riding in the waves of Galveston & Kimah Island

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The day was pretty much bright with lovely sunny day and cold breeze running outside the house. The winters had been longer this time throughout United States of America; at least this is what I have been hearing from locals here.  Galveston is around one and half drive from Houston and it is a lovely island where you can see lovely vacation homes. It’s a luxury life with people having their private beach houses and private boats as well. The most famous location at Galveston are its beaches and gardens, the most popular of all of them is the best known Moody gardens. I loved each and every bit of my time here.

Galveston island

Galveston Islands provides entertainment for people of all the age groups. Different important places of tourism here Discovery pyramidare beaches, cruise ship port, historic strand, historic mansion tours, moody gardens attractions complex, Schlitterbahn Galveston water park, ocean star drilling rig museum, Texas seaport museum, railroad museum and many other lovely places of natural beauty. Moody gardens had different and museums like places where you get knowledge about fishes, there were thunder rides in the Ridefilm Theater that made you feel like you were in the real world. The imax 3D theater movie was to be seen wearing our 3D glass and we could experience the real fauna and flora like we were diving on our own in the inner world of sea. The rainforest pyramid was under the galveston island attractionsconstruction so unfortunately we could not get a chance to have an inner look in to it. But for my knowledge, I got to learn that the pyramid had been made very similar to rainforests of Asia, Africa and some in the US. They have crashing waterfalls, freshwater ponds and some of the best-known exotic plants, birds and fishes and more. The Discovery pyramid takes you in to the deeper mystery of science, you can inform yourself by taking a look at the interactive exhibits.

The Aquarium pyramid was a lovely experience, we got to see some of the best-known exotic species of the natural flora and fauna and their natural habitat. The Palm Beach is filled with white sands and lovely surroundings with splash pads, volleyball, spray arches and other activities to enjoy. Other varied enjoyable places were the 4D special FX theatre, colonel paddlewheel boat, the learning place, festival of lights, moody gardens hotel spa, golf course, majestic gardens, hope therapy, gift shops and several other attractions. We could not enjoy all of these but loved the time we spent here. After enjoying these lovely natural surroundings, we planned our way to Kemah Island to have some more fun.

kemah island

It took us nearly 30 minutes to park our vehicle as it was too crowded at the place, all the people had comes here to just chill out and relax. As we entered, there was a cool music being played and wonderful lights around the place that sprinkled the whole place with lighting stars. At Kemah, you can have great dining experience especially when you love eating seafood. It was just like a feeling of wonderland, people were speed boating, some were driving their private yachts. Frequently I could see helicopters hovering on the sky, it was just an amazing feeling. There were some of the best rides I ever sat in my life, for one second I thought I would never live the next moment. My god, what a push it was, just in a fraction of second I was down. I do not quite recollect the name of the ride, but it nearly took my breadth away. There were some of the huge rides I ever saw in my life, we experienced each of them and was quite a bit thrilling experiences.

galveston island attractions

Later in the evening, we went for a dinner to Bombay Tadka; the food was real tasty we all enjoyed it with much pleasure. No sooner than we finished and we were off to sleep in the car and I did not realize when we reached home. Now this is the next day I am actually writing this blog, and I am too tired. I really do not have words to describe how lethargic I am feeling right now. Well, I will see you tomorrow and write you about my today’s experiences. Bye bye.

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  1. Gayle says:

    Beaches are my favorite! I just love them to the core! Sitting on the sea shore having sun bath and just relaxing :)

  2. Harrison says:

    What a view it would be to see private beach houses and private Yacht! I’m sure it will be a celebrity place.

  3. Ian says:

    Ricky dude, your blogs are really interesting to read! You should write for all the places you visit man!

  4. jack says:

    Galveston and Kimah islands are hot spots in Houston. They are full of life!! You can experience so many things here!

  5. Kemp says:

    All the rides at Kimah island are amazing and thrilling! I just love the seal show out there.

  6. Lisa says:

    These are the two destinations which I will never forget in mmy life as I had some of the best moments of life!

  7. Mario says:

    After seeing the private Yachts and great beach houses, its my dream to have one!

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