Day 2, The Detroit – Manhattan Episode

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So finally we entered the US boundaries, all set to go through immigration checks. I was seriously impressed by the security here. The separate immigration security queue for non-US residents was at the other side. After interviewing us, we collected our luggage and headed towards taking our local flight from Detroit to New York. Visiting NY has always fascinated me because of the town planning and being financial street here. It was almost 2 hours from Detroit to New York but we reached a little late as it was a local flight and there were hardly any people in the flight. After reaching NY, we were in for a surprise as we had lost our luggage. We lodged a missing luggage complaint with the officials here and they assured us that they would try their level best to deliver the luggage.

New York

Ramesh uncle had come to pick us up at the airport, driving back at home I was so relaxed feeling the homely atmosphere. Darshana aunty had prepared an Indian food for us, we all enjoyed the dinner with much enthusiasm. It was almost late 12’0 clock at night that we received our luggage at home. The next morning having a lovely breakfast, we left for our visit to Manhattan downtown, New York’s financial street. I was aghast looking at the completeness of the city. The very people here make it a lovely experience, the courtesy and the sense of humanity is what these people are all about.

financial street

Early morning Darshana aunty took us to 40 years old Geeta Temple consisting of all the Hindu gods, as we entered the temple I could sense peace and calm. The gods were decorated with lovely purple color and background of the place gave it a cozy look. Later than that, we went to Jain temple which was distributed in to 4 floors, each having different Jain gods belonging to different sects.

Geeta Temple

A quick visit on to all the floors, we were rushing to catch a train to Manhattan, downtown, the number E train. I could see tall high rises that were working 24*7. You come here any time of the day or night, people are working and the streets are moving. After meeting ramesh uncle at his office, we had a quick snack at some Indian restaurant. Walking down the streets of Manhattan, I could see people rushing in and out of the office. Some were busy projecting their ideas in their glass cabins and a lovely cold weather outside.


A little far from World Trade Centre, there was 9/11 memorial centre where the pictures of WTC attack and other details of the attack were portrayed in writings and through pictures. I could literally sense the degree of the attack and how these people have come out of the shock.

9/11 memorial centre

Farther than that, we walked around Brooklyn Bridge that connects to Brooklyn. There are in all 5 major bridges in NY that connects the cities internally. The beauty of the place was tantamount to Nariman point in Mumbai, India. I could see people wearing their sports gear, bicycling around the bridge in one lane and the other for evening walkers. It was truly an experience of lifetime.

Brooklyn Bridge

Down back to the start of the bride walking a shorter distance we exchanged 2 trains to reach 179 st. and from there we took a private car service to reach home. What a lovely day it was. Meet me tomorrow for my next City tour experience.

new york city

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  1. Angel says:

    This article is very interesting! I recollect all of my past memories after reading it.

  2. Blackwood says:

    You should share your experiencein such blogs. It helps a lot to gain knowledge and info and accordingly can plan.

  3. Cameron says:

    I’m prone to loose my baggage everytime. Something or either worng happens with me everytime I travel.

  4. Daisy says:

    Jainism is being followed almost in every country. There are many temples constucted for them.

  5. Emaroon says:

    Manhattan is an amazing place to visit. Devastating 9/11 attack! which gave a shock to the whole world!

  6. Fi says:

    Brooklyn bridge is very famous bridge and it is very well constructed.

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