Day 17 & 18 – The taste of Oklahoma, El Reno

Travel Experience | | March 25, 2010 at 12:02 am


oklahoma city toursThe life is pretty much slow I must say, as I woke up there was nothing much to do or rather even just move out of the house. So probably you had be wondering what I am talking about and so why am I here. Well, you must know that more than the tourists places I had been wandering to see how people in different cities lives. Like we, in India or any other country may portray United States as a rich nations but they have poor people and very poor people living in here. The standard of living is high here, each person may have a car but it does not mean they are well off, I learned this when I visited suburbs of Dalton and now at Oklahoma.

There are richer sections of societies here but over all you can see the placeel reno oklahoma is not very developed. The government here is planning a re-development to attract tourism here. We went to take a ride of Water taxi in the Oklahoma downtown, it is pretty well developed than the place I was staying right now, El Reno. El Reno is basically a residential suburb and life is peaceful here unless you have everything in the house. The evenings get much colder especially because of the open places here. Oh, I forgot to mention about Laxi (a peek a poo dog breed) at Tina’s house. Well, I know some of you might really be surprised to hear that dog breed the way I was at first. Not many people know about this category of breed in dogs. Just for your knowledge, it is not a pure breed dog, it is a mix of Pekingese and Poodle. Laxi was black in color and was very aggressive but could be friendly we anyone instantly. But to be frank to my readers, I really do not prefer dogs, I do not water taxi oklahoma cityknow why? But I really miss Brix in Atlanta though!

Well coming back to our Water Taxi ride, it was an artificially made lakeside at the downtown and went for around 1 hour. Our tour guide, was a funny man with good sense of humor talking at length about the Oklahoma city, the way it had been developed, the history of blacks here and much more. As we rode deeper in to the lake, I could see some famous restaurants and nightclubs here. He explained us well about everything of course along with the stuff he like to eat. A little more boating and I could see the black horse statues along with the men riding on it, it is said that in history of Oklahoma the population was just 10 men at one given point of time. So to demonstrate their thrust in to creating the community and developing the place they had placed those statues here and most astonishing thing about them was they did not wear shoes, I really cannot recollect why.

statue of horse and rider
There were many other places to visit here although it is not very much a well-known tourist place. Some of the interesting places are Fort Reno, Myriad Botanical gardens, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum and good eateries. It was really late at night when we returned home but I had blast in the evening. I never knew Oklahoma would be such a rewarding experience when we especially questioned time and again that, “Why are we going to Oklahoma”. I feel each of the places has its own charm and I get pleasure in visiting the places, which are not so popular, meeting new people, new surroundings and over all a different lifestyle. I can just say that Oklahoma has its own charm and people have time for each other letting go off the surroundings in New York. New York is the place where you can see people rushing by, and you can see ladies with high heels neatly tucked in to their designer suits and sporting a cool car. I just love whatever locations I am visiting in here.

oklahoma tourist attractions
There was nothing much to be done the other morning as it was raining and we called off our plans to visit the Zoo here. The day just passed in enjoying the windy weather outside of the house and a few visits to nearby stores and Subway for our daily foot long sandwich. I am like almost addicted to black coffee here, perhaps the surroundings are getting me in to that habit, I do not know. Waiting to get to Houston, Texas tomorrow morning!

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  1. Barbera says:

    This place does not have that lights and parties as compared to other cities in US.

  2. Ian says:

    US and poor people. That is funny. It is known as the strongest and richest economy of the world.

  3. Jade says:

    Oklahoma city is not very big and has limited places to see.

  4. Klose says:

    It is not known as tourist destination! That is the uniqueness and charm of the city. You can say it is a small town in different words.

  5. Lance says:

    Oklahoma is a place where you won’t find rich people, huge buildings and stuff but you will find a totally different culture and totally different US citizens who does normal work for their bread and butter.

  6. Mathew says:

    Oklahoma is one of the smallest city of US but it is really worth going there once for your mental peace.

  7. Nannes says:

    Everyone will not be able to enjoy as they must be leading a very fast life in their respective cities.

  8. AB says:

    A water Taxi? this so funny and bit different than others. May be for that this place is on the site.

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