Dangerous yet Beautiful Cities

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Has it ever happened to you, when you were busy admiring a monument or architectural structure and someone comes chats with you, get friendly and go? You might be thinking that dude was so good or the local here are really friendly. You catch a cab to come back to hotel and put your hand inside your pocket to remove your wallet, but at your surprise, wallet is missing! You search ever pocket in your pants or shirts, but couldn’t find it. Then you try to recall did I removed somewhere and left it or did someone bumped into me? After some brainstorming, you finally recall that you met someone and he must have picked YOUR wallet.

Most of the tourists and traveler experience these kinds of things, getting mugged, robbed, pickpocket, luggage being stolen, etc. Thieves always find innovative ways to hustle the tourists, as they are new at the place and no way to find them. And because of such thieves, our vacation is ruined! So best way to deal with this kind of problem is to BE ALERT and TALK to other travelers and tourists for some tips if thieves there are very innovative in hustling. Most of the traditional destinations are now turning into thieves destination, so just be careful whenever you visit these places. And the funniest thing is all are historic places in my list of the old continent!

So here it goes most dangerous place in my opinion are:

First stands the Hanoi, if you planned to visit this peaceful city in Vietnam than be extra-careful while traveling. The city is no doubted is a preserved colonial centre and around six hundred ancient temples exists here. But with these beautiful monuments, even thieves are waiting for you! You never know when your pocket gets disappear!

Buenos aires ArgentinaSecond, Buenos Aires, populous city in Argentina and everyplace from airport to restaurants, you have to stand in que as these place is always flooded by tourists from all over the world. And it is said that portenos are very well behaved and polite people! But think before taking their help. As to rob tourists they have an innovative; you may find someone throwing something on your coat or clothes and suddenly you find someone kind helping you out to clean your coat! Awww… So sweet, isn’t it! But take a good look of that person, or else cleaning your coat stains; he might even clean your pocket too.

Buenos is a fantastic city but you should be aware of its darker side.

Third is the Fontana di Trevi in Rome. The first thing you will get excited about this place is the crowd that gets gather around this fountain and making wish. But in order to take a closer look of this mesmerizing fountain, don’t forget your bag or luggage you carry. One second your luggage is with and next moment it’s gone! So take care of your belongings.

Fontana di Trevi

Forth is the city of light, or should we say, city of love,  whatever you call Paris, but it will cost you a lot if you get into much of light and loose your sight over your bag or wallet!

Fifth is the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, no doubt the place is a huge art gallery with magnificent architectural building and indoor museum is best to see in Italy. But don’t get into the trance with paintings, drawings, architectural buildings, etc, at first, you and other people around, might be admiring everything about the place but later will curse the whole trip.

Uffizi galleries Florence

Sixth position is occupied by the Athens and its magnificent open-air museum, which is excellent and exciting, which will make you forget your safety measures.

On seventh number is the Amsterdam, which has almost seven hundred historic houses. The city also has everything for everybody. So most the people come here to chill out, cruise around, wander through the historic streets and all but all these might cost you more than expected!

Eighth, stands Museo Del Prado in Madrid, interesting museum and art gallery that hosts more than seven hundred artifacts of Spanish history. And shopping area known as El Rastro are places you need to be alert.

El Rastro

Ninth place is taken by the most romantic place in Prague, Carol Bridge. Many tourists walk on this medieval bridge and don’t forget pocket thieves also walk on this bridge.

Last but not the least on my list is Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Sure is worth walking around but be extra- careful of whom you bump into and be friendly with.

Las Ramblas in Barcelona

The places I have mentioned above are just to warn the travelers or tourist to be extra-careful, so you don’t ruin your vacation by losing any belonging or money. And yes, all these places are worth going to and admire what their ancestor have made and left.

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  1. Adian says:

    This article is the most useful article for the people who visit new and strange places for the 1st time.

  2. Davis says:

    Generally people do take care of their belongings in an unknown place and always tend to misplace something or either.

  3. Bruce says:

    I never expected all these places to be dangerous.

  4. Mighty says:

    Majority of the places are in Europe. This place is yet beautiful to travel!

  5. Cathy says:

    Thank you for giving the information but how can we recognize the thief any tips for that?

  6. Era says:

    Amsterdam has to be one of the places where you can get booze, weed and boobs! People definitely need money for that.

  7. Foccacia says:

    All the places have got many historic monuments to visit and people all over the world come to see, smart pick pocketers ;)

  8. Visa Vietnam says:

    Great post. Thanks. I just added your site to my myspace page.

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