Dangerous Animal Species Thriving in the Brazilian Rainforest

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Brazil houses the biggest rainforests on earth, majority of which lie in the Amazon. The rainforests of Brazil are inhabited by a wide variety of dangerous animal species. This article will inform you about some of them.

The Brazilian rainforests are famous for being home to several snake species. One of the most famous one among them is Brazilian coral, a snake with black and red body adorned by white stripes. This snake uses the powerful neurotoxins for preying. The other dangerous snake species found here is fer-de-lance; these snakes possess the ability of killing human beings effortlessly. Snakes can camouflage themselves within the surrounding greeneries of the forest, which makes walking across the Brazilian rainforests an extremely dangerous proposition.

Brazilian rainforests

These forests also have amphibian species like the poison dart frog; they are known for their amazing colors as well as for their ability of warding off the potential predators with poison. The poison is secreted form the skin of these frogs. Some of the poison dart frog varieties found in the Brazilian rainforests includes Phyllobates terribilis and sapphire-blue frogs.

Phyllobates terribilis Sapphire blue frog Dart frog Dart frog

According to experts, wandering spiders are the most venomous of all spider species existing on earth. These spiders are quite common in the banana plants of the Brazilian rainforests and whenever they are disturbed, they reciprocate by biting. Human beings walking across these forests also have possibilities of experiencing bites of the bullet ants. The pain caused by a bullet ant bite usually lasts for an entire day.

Brazilian rainforests is also home for the jaguars. The jaguars are great hunters; they have extremely powerful paws and jaws, using which they take down large preys. The strong jaws of this animal are capable of cracking a turtle’s shell. Another dangerous animal species found in the Brazilian rainforests is the black caiman or Melanosuchus niger. This animal is found in the fresh water bodies of Amazon basin. Black caimans almost got extinct; but the conservation efforts have resulted in slow, but steady comeback of this endangered animal species.

Spider Bullet ant Jaguar Melanosuchus niger

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