Cyclades Islands Travel Guide

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Cyclades is a group of islands surrounded by winding beaches having crystal clear blue water. If you are looking to spend some relaxing days, plan a trip to the Cyclades. This island network is situated on the center of the Aegean Sea. Cyclades include around 220 islands, among which there are several popular Greek Islands namely Naxos, Mykonos and Santorini. The island of Syros is designated as the capital of Cyclades’. The exact location of this capital island is on the archipelago’s north center.

The islands of Cyclades stay populated by tourists coming from both Greece and other corners of the globe almost all through the year. The biggest tourist crowd in these islands however, is seen during the summer months. Other than boasting some stunning beaches along the Aegean Sea, the islands are also home to several archaeological and historical sites. The climate of Cyclades can be described as dry and moderately cold. The winters are not too cold; this means you can even plan your holiday in this part of the world during the winter months.

Mykonos Island Naxos Island

For people looking to enjoy their vacation amid complete peace and calmness, the ideal Cyclades islands would be Iraklia, Schinousa, Donousa and Kimolos. However, if you want to spend some lively time during the Cyclades vacation, you should plan to stay in islands like Santorini, Ios, Syros, Paros and Mykonos. The island of Syros is particularly famous for housing a popular casino.

Iraklia Island Schinousa Island

The archipelago is also home to a number of magnificent monasteries and churches, many of which have great historical importance. One of the must-visits among them is the Church of Evagelistrias. This Cycladian church is located in the Tinos Island. Here, you will get to see St Mary’s icon, which according to many is capable of causing miracles. The Church of Evagelistrias stays crowded by locals and tourists almost all through the year.

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