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Amongst the many cities with creative designs Kobe stands as a true example of great architectural elegance and lovely sights. Named as the UNESCO city of Design in the year 2008, Kobe is a unique and very well crafted city in this land of Japan. In the year 1860 when Japan opened its gates to the world, Kobe was one of the many ports it operated and since then has become a great gateway to the country of Japan. The people living in Kobe have contributed a lot to the creativity in this city. This was seen during the time there was an earthquake in the year 1995 and it destroyed the entire country destroying many parts of Kobe the city with the most creative design. During this time the citizens contributed in recreating the entire city back to shape.

Kobe has a unique and special lifestyle that has totally amalgamated into the daily life of the people and has thus brought about a culture that is very diverse and considers all the aspects of the design that has managed to influence the social development in the entire city.

Kobe located in the central southern portion of the country of Japan is in fact the sixth largest city and has a population which totally supports its creative effect. The landscape of Kobe is very unique and has many oceans and mountains giving it the effect of a city of creativity. This is the reason people have been visiting this lovely creative land and has been the mainstay of the culture of the people living into his part of the world. Kobe today happens to be one of the leading centers for Japan’s fashion and its industries for apparel.

Today Kobe is a major port to the country of Japan and the nation thus has had the opportunity to open itself completely to the world. Kobe today has some of the best ordered blocks where the city of western designs emerged and where the lovely cityscapes emerged as being aligned into the historical architecture of the past museums and the offices and boutiques with the most elegant styles. Today these are the remains of the port that existed here and it is thus very popular as the city of creative design.

The rural terrain in Kobe has great panoramic beauty and the suburbs with their thatched houses and lovely lush green surroundings lend a total beauty to the entire creativity that is dormant here. The beautiful rural ambience here is a great boon to all the activities that have taken place here. Nature is at its best here and the entire land is filled with a kind of magnificence that makes it come out as a great city of creativity.

Kobe also has the best fashion designed occasions than ever before and is actually the hub of the Kobe Collection which is he greatest fashion show in this country and has attracted more than 10,000 visitors in all.

Kobe Design Festa is another event that helps citizens here comprehend that designing is a way of life in Kobe and people love to enjoy the design related events that form a mainstay of life in Kobe. Kobe is also the main centre for disseminating the major daily activities in the city.

Kobe Design Festa
Then Kobe also has the training programmes for the famous Kobe designers and this gives them an insight into the culture and tradition of Kobe and thus aims at creating a new creative Kobe.

Kobe also has its own design university which gives a great variety of Graphics, fashion and many kinds of architecture. There is a fashion museum here that works with the idea of the first fashion designs in this part of the world.

Then there is the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art which gives Kobe its personal architetectural facility.

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

All this and more makes Kobe a perfect city of creative design.

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