Coffer Of Antique Architectures: Berlin – Part I

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Renowned as the German capital, Berlin has never been a conventional and pretty city, although it is a rich coffer of finesse architectures, extensive museums which if compiled together ranks the richest in the entire globe. It is a comprehensive and ecstatic destination which offers bars and restaurants, lively nightlife and strong traditions in the creative field of performing arts. As it is rambling over an extensive area, it is filled with surplus natural parks, forests and lakes. This destination is truly peerless and unsurpassable.

However it has been poorly destructed in the last years of World War 2 and later dilapidated due to the cold war. Still, Berlin has refurbished itself, which was noticeable with the reunification drive, after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Today, it is possible to get a glance of numerous representatives from different historical epochs within one city center ranging from the existing medieval buildings near Alexanderplatz to contemporary glass and steel structures in Potsdamer Platz. Berlin is a destination with mystified history. In the much-appreciated interwar compilation of stories, Goodbye to Berlin, Christopher Isherwood has penned down that “Berlin is a city with two centers – the cluster of expensive hotels, bars, cinemas, shops around the memorial church, a sparkling nucleus of light, like a sham diamond, in the shabby twilight of the town, and the self conscious civic center of buildings around the Unter din Linden, carefully arranged.”

Alexanderplatz Berlin
Nevertheless, Berlin is a lovely place proffering exciting locations with its splendid appearance and presentation and is sure to win exaltation from each and everyone. It is a spot which certainly has something or the other for everyone. If you are on a lookout for natural flora and fauna, rich history and memorial architects, exciting nightlife or lovely restaurants, shopping etc. You will not move back to your city with sad faces as you will relish everything here in Berlin.

berlin restaurants
Go, get the welcome card which offers as much as 50% discount on visiting museums and other attractions. In addition, it also facilitates free inner city transportation on trains and buses. It is available at tourist offices, ticket offices and some hotels and has a validity of three days. So rush there, and get welcome cards for you and your family. Proceeding ahead, let’s move to check the tourist attractions of Berlin.

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