City Of Intermingling Waterways: Stockholm

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Step in the city of Stockholm, and ask an inhabitant from where they belong? And the reply that might come across you would be a name of the nearby subway station. About 30% of the city of Stockholm is made up of waterways and parks and greener areas contribute another 30%. The European Commission revered the city as “First European Green Capital.” Stroll on the narrow streets and alleyways to explore the city to the fullest. Even, aboard the metro as different subway stations detach different parts of the city.

Stockholm city

Stockholm is a destination with multiple beautiful facets, where every town carries a distinct identity and attitude, making oneself different from another. For instance: the town of Centralen is an archetypal downtown location which witnesses great hustle and bustle of snarl-up and swarming crowds. Following ahead, there is this city district known as Norrmalm, which is an ideal spot for relaxing and soaking the natural beauty. Here, stroll alongside the waters and you will come across Djurgarden. It is a fantastic island and perfect spot to enjoy with your family, also one can indulge in various fun activities like playing and picnicking. Ahead, enjoy the pleasant spots of Skasen and Grona Lund.

The city’s most enchanting and marvelous facet is Ostermalm, as it houses the city’s premier spectacular and iconic Ostermalmbuildings. Ostermalms Saluhall is the leading marvel; make sure you grab the sight of this beautiful architect. Kungstradgarden i.e. The King’s Garden is an extensive fun hangout offering four different spaces and lots other exciting seasonal activities. Next, head to the island of Skeppsholmen and step into Moderna Museet and Skeppsholmen’s Church.

Delight the essence of this city, encompassed by water. Catch a ferry ride to any of the tiny beautiful islets, and don’t worry you aren’t getting into the borders of any other country, as this magical city is spread across 14 different islands protruding over the Baltic Sea. Truly, Stockholm seems to be a fantasy land for nature-lovers and globe-trotters, as magnificent scenic sights are strewn throughout the city. Carry your comfortable shoes to explore Stockholm as marvelous sites are accessible on foot. After a great ferry ride and afoot, head to the subway stations.

Cross several subway stations and you will get to behold the sights of modern architectural marvels, steeped in impressive style and elegance. Don’t miss the City Library at Radmansgatan Subway Station and New Cultural Center at T-Centralen. Along with these wondrous sights, view the red glittering cottages. Enjoy your soothing solitude in Hagaparken or take a lovely dive in the Lake Malaren of Norrmalarstrand. Move to the subway station of Slussen and get in Mosebacke and Fjallgatan. Both are stunning retreat brushed with eye-soothing variant of blue shade and loaded with spectacular stunning heritage architects. Loads of surprises, alluring sights and pleasant ambiance are awaiting you in the incredible capital city, Stockholm.

SodermalmSodermalm, another side of the Stockholm city is an interesting place and worthy of visit. This town has witnessed various phases of life, in the past 1800’s; it sheltered large sections of working class people. After a long day of work, these people returned home by ships and took a halt at the local taverns for grabbing a drink. Even though the times have passed, Sodermalm has not emerged out of its social image. Conventional workers, pub culture, and old associating habits are still nurtured in this town, which is clearly apparent by the fact that this part of the city has vast number of cafes, galleries, and pubs than any other part.

The tiny, offbeat and modish stores present local artists and designers work. Also, the city hosts an exciting summer Mynttorget street festivals. Art-enthusiasts can relish vibrant theatre and lively songs in Vita Bergen at Skanstull subway station. Sodermalm is an altogether exceptional town characterized by urban flavor, vivaciousness and creativity. Not only is Sodermalm the reflection of all the dynamic characteristics, but also it can be asserted as cultural Stockholm. Sneak a peek at Gamla Stan, an Old Town, which is an authentic Stockholm manifestation. Stockholm reveres this typical town as its pride and happiness. Cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways dating back to the 17th century are one of the smallest as they are just 26 inches wide. Gaze at the remnants of the past- the legendary Storkyrkan, an influential old church. The region’s ancient houses are furnished with marvelous decoration and ornaments. All these formulate an out-of-the-world and antique Stockholm. If you wish to get a glimpse of the medieval era i.e. about 700 years back, get here as this takes to a visit down the historic lane.

Since then, lots many other developments have come into existence. For instance: The Royal Castle has been erected, however none of the members of the royal family reside here. They stay in Drottningholm. Enriched with rich historical background, mesmerizing blue waters, scenic natural beauty, Stockholm reflects impeccability of the ancient times; however it is the illuminating star of the modern eyes.

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