Chaco National park Tour Guide

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Ensconced in the virgin surroundings of the Chaco region is a pristine land filled with the greatest pleasures and the most ideal tour delights. This is where lies the Chaco National park spanning an area of around 15,000 hectares. Created in the year 1954, this park is a region which has the best bio diversity and is found in the eastern area of the Chaco province and is filled with the best quebracho Colorado trees.

Chaco National park

Quebracho is a strong wood and is rich in the tannin substance or it had been subjected to a lot of logging for more than100 years. Quebracho was almost near extinction and it is only the creation of the Chaco National Park that today the species of Quebracho are found here in the region and the flora and fauna today thrives greatly in this region.

The park with its variety of landscape and the beautiful savanna, and the verdant woodlands along with the lagoons and marshes makes a great place to be in and has the widest plethora of terrain. The woodlands where with the beautiful trees that go up to around 15m high provide the variety that is needed thus making these Argentinine trees greatly intriguing and interesting.

The base of the forest is completely filled with the bromeliads which are also known as the Chaguares. They with their strong spines with the spikes found at the leaf edges make up the main woodland and they are totally impenetrable. The plants that are found here in the denser areas which surround the River Negro add to the beauty of the region where the river winds up through the park in the camping zones.

Capybaras Quebracho

The park is a place where you get the widest mix of animals. So there are cougars, alligators, yacares, armadillos, guazunchos, capybaras and also the cayara monkey. The capybaras are a large rodent and the guazunchos is a kind of deer. This is where you would also get the coralina punteada which is a lovely snaked that is found mainly underground. The lagoons are a preferred habitat here and the frogs here enchant the tourists in summer. There are marshes here and these are inhabited by the aquatic turtle caquena. More than 340 species of birds are found here.

The park has a huge camping zone and has many tables, bathrooms and also has facilities of lights. There are many footpaths that are seen to bifurcate from here and there is a lake called Panza de Cabra which is the region for multiple campsites. There are however no electricity or bathrooms ere and thus it gives a greatly natural experience.

The Moscovies and Tobas communities are found here, and they are supposed to tbe the descendants of the first indigenous communities in this area. There is a path which takes you through the park and they are normally traversed by car and it is a greatly fascinating sight to travel through the park region with the sights of the beautiful quebracho Colorado woodlands.

There are two pedestrian crossings here which lead from the main path. There is a 3 km path on one side and there is another that is 1.5 km long. The paths give the visitors great bird watching and hiking facilities.

This is a park with a greatly subtropical environment, and the park provides the right means to conveniently and comfortably visit the surroundings just to enjoy the absolutely mesmerizing sights in the Chaco National Park.

Argentina is a land of tourists pleasures and travel delights. It has the most serene and tranquil ambience and gives the tourist a lot travel delight. The Chaco national park provides the tourist with greatly interesting sights and the most magnificent surroundings. The simple presence of the Quebrecha variety and the ideal presence of flora and fauna gives the tourist a great reason to visit this land of pleasure, thrill and excitement. Come here and enjoy the best ambience that you could see in this part of the world.

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