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  • Day 19 & 20 – Houston, here we come
    Day 19 & 20 – Houston, here we come
    I already knew today is going to be a real hectic day as we are flying to Texas through connecting flights and I have already passed so many ordeals for domestic flights here in United States. I do not know why domestic flights had been real boring experiences, they never pick up on time. Oh man, that really makes me nasty as we leave so early from home to avoid any kind of luggage problems and then sitting in airport for hours. At first I used to enjoy those long hours, but now after 20 days it is getting a little monotonous and I just do not want to leave early. Oklahoma was quite a bit of good experience and the Will Rogers airport had over 24 terminals, a pretty small airport. I walked all the way down from terminal 24 to terminal 8 to fetch my Java Dave Hot Chocolate. In the morning when we left from El Reno, it was very windy  [...]
    Posted at March 27th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 17 & 18 – The taste of Oklahoma, El Reno
    Day 17 & 18 – The taste of Oklahoma, El Reno
    The life is pretty much slow I must say, as I woke up there was nothing much to do or rather even just move out of the house. So probably you had be wondering what I am talking about and so why am I here. Well, you must know that more than the tourists places I had been wandering to see how people in different cities lives. Like we, in India or any other country may portray United States as a rich nations but they have poor people and very poor people living in here. The standard of living is high here, each person may have a car but it does not mean they are well off, I learned this when I visited suburbs of Dalton and now at Oklahoma. There are richer sections of societies here but over all you can see the place is not very developed. The government here is planning a re-development to attract tourism here. We went to take a ride  [...]
    Posted at March 25th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 15 & 16 – Fun at Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta
    Day 15 & 16 – Fun at Coca-Cola Museum, Atlanta
    Well, there was nothing much planned for today but I did not realize that the day would turn out to be so wonderful and exciting in the later part of the day. The weather forecasts had predicted a little showers of rain so we let go off our plan to go to Stone mountain as it was an open place with garden and we needed to walk in a mud. So it was a relaxing start of the day as all of us woke a little late than the usual and to top it, it was everybody’s favorite SUNDAY. The Sunday’s here are pretty much fun as people start partying from the Friday evening itself and by the time its Sunday evening they get a little upset with the Monday Blues which are going to set just another morning right at 7’0 clock. We had wonderful breakfast at Indian south Indian Udipi restaurant, what a lovely south Indian brunch. We enjoyed every bite  [...]
    Posted at March 23rd, 2010 at 09:03 pm
  • Day 14 – The real taste of Georgia – Atlanta Downtown
    Day 14 – The real taste of Georgia – Atlanta Downtown
    All excited for today’s fun-filled day, I got up a little early to have a peaceful cup of hot ginger tea. The day was pretty much well as yesterday’s sunnier day. We all 4 of us got ready to drive a half an hour drive to downtown to visit the tourists destinations here. Here in Atlanta, they have CNN headquarters, the largest Aquarium across United States and a tour down of Coca-cola museum. Other than this places, there are other places as well, which are not much visited by the tourists here but if given the option you would surely love to explore the first three places stated and then the later ones. The Atlanta downtown was quite an experience, because they do have lots of traffic during peak hours, even the afternoons you had find traffic on roads. The downtown Atlanta is a financial center for bigger companies and organizations  [...]
    Posted at March 22nd, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 13 – The Atlantan & Norcross Experience
    Day 13 – The Atlantan & Norcross Experience
    The day started pretty well with sunny side of the wintry days, as we moved out of that house I could sense that it was really going to be a great day ahead. The skies were clear, there was no rain, there was no strong cold wind and moreover it was a day for outing. Morning, Ritesh and Dhruv had a meeting with Eric and Tanya together so that they could plan their selling and marketing strategies together. I was feeling a little lazy as we went to sleep a little late. But as I woke up, I was really happy to see the sunny day outside. Since the time I have been here in United States, I am so in love with Avocados. Well, so for the lunch I again prepared Avocado Sandwich and all had it with much pleasure. Thank god, it was fun though, all liked it and I could not forget to have a sip of Starbucks Mocha to go with my favorite breakfast.  [...]
    Posted at March 21st, 2010 at 10:03 pm
  • Day 11 & 12 – Peaceful Atlanta Experience!
    Day 11 & 12 – Peaceful Atlanta Experience!
    A peaceful charming morning with a few drizzles made a lovely beginning for the day, as I woke up I could sense a little cold outside the house. Still, for the experience I got out of the house only to find a sunny side of this cold wintry weather. Wow, a lovely sun gazing at me and sexy cars driving by the roadside. I must say, Norcross is the place for peace lovers especially when you are staying in the outskirts of the city life. The most expensive place to live here is at Bucket, staying in condos are an expensive affair with all the luxuries you can afford to have in terms of money. Sipping a hot cup of tea was a superb experience and alongside also feeling the cold weather outside. Ritesh and Tanya got really busy with their office training work and I was having a fun time with Bricks, a puggle at Dhruv’s place. Bricks was  [...]
    Posted at March 19th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 9 & 10 – Washington DC – Dalton – Atlanta!
    Day 9 & 10 – Washington DC – Dalton – Atlanta!
    Ah! What a morning, it was sunny outside and no rains. Wow! Now this is gonna be a wonderful day ahead I knew for sure. Every place we visit, there is some unusual thing that locals experience here, like the day we landed in NY, the snowfall had stopped a week ago and now the storm has taken over the place few days after we left. Our historic tour in Washington DC was a fabulous experience with cold and not much of rains around the place. I was a little nervous at the thought that Georgia, especially Atlanta would be too hot climate compared to the other states as was told to me but as I got down from the airplane, I could still sense the wintry winds and I was sure that the winter is still on here at the place. Oh gosh, I do not believe that I am finally at Georgia, the state where the shooting of the movie, “My name is Khan”  [...]
    Posted at March 17th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 8 – Washington DC, Historic Museums & Monuments
    Day 8 – Washington DC, Historic Museums & Monuments
    The weather forecasts predicted heavy showers of rain but the climate was quite pleasant outside. A quick breakfast and we were off on our historic visit of Washington DC. Its quite an exciting experience to visit the historic places at DC being a US capital. The place has some of the best memorable places; any visitor here would be pleased with its museums. The common landmark known as National Mall has everything to offer, whether you are looking to see Capitol or Smithsonian Museums. The design of the district is simply fabulous; your trip here would surely be an amazing classy experience of lifetime. The district has not allowed any tall buildings here to maintain the historic layout of the place and also to maintain Washington Monument as the tallest building here. The Washington Monument is a structural design made without  [...]
    Posted at March 16th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 6-7 Historical Washington DC
    Day 6-7 Historical Washington DC
    A fantabulous lovely morning with clear skies and small jitters of rain made us feel extra fresh and I could just see the cars zipping by, from the window. Today, we are moving from NY to capital city of United States of America, Washington DC. The roads were free of traffic and so we had a smooth drive there running on the roads like a flying bird. Reaching at the airport, having security checks nearly took us half an hour of time. In no time, we were sitting at the Starbucks Coffee lounge and gazing at the clear skies outside. We had almost 3 flights that were supposed to leave before us, we could see people rushing in the airplane at the last moment. As it was a domestic flight, we could see most of them being business officials. Well, after nearly waiting in the lounge for 45 minutes, waiting in the airplane for 30 minutes our  [...]
    Posted at March 15th, 2010 at 12:03 am
  • Day 5 – Niagara Falls – American fall sight, Goat Island & horseshoe falls
    Day 5 – Niagara Falls – American fall sight, Goat Island & horseshoe falls
    As much as, is the beauty of Niagara falls, there are other small surrounding places which takes an equal pie in being one of the favorite spots of the people and visitors here. Staying overnight at Buffalo hotel, Comfort Inn – 306. I could not sleep more than 5 hours for the excitement of seeing the morning Niagara falls, and in no time I got a 6:00 am wake up call. A hot shower bath, and I was trailing my way to the hotel lounge where variety of breads, cookies, donuts, juices were served to us. A quick breakfast and we were back in our bus heading towards Niagara falls which was around 20 minutes drive from the hotel. Niagara falls is one of the top tourists destinations around the world, attracting millions people each year. The spectacular sight of Niagara Falls gets you lost in its scenic beauty and a smooth water singing.  [...]
    Posted at March 14th, 2010 at 12:03 am