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  • Saint Etienne Creative Pleasures
    Saint Etienne Creative Pleasures
    Saint Etienne is a city located in the central eastern part of France and is around 60 km to the southwest of Lyon. Situated in the Rhone Alpes region, this is the capital of the Loire Department. Located in the Massif Central this is a beautiful city and is filled with the best of creative effects. Saint Etienne is on the banks of the River Furens at the base of the Pilat Massif. This is around 59 km to the southwest of Lyon and around 53 km from Vienne. There is a legend that states that in the times of the Roman era, there was a settlement called Furanum which comes from the River Furan. Then the place was given a new name and it was then called Furania which is a name that remained till the Middle Ages. Existing since the year 1258, the town was then called Sancti STephani de Furano after the saint here. It is called Saint Etienne  [...]
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  • Travel Pleasures in Graz
    Travel Pleasures in Graz
    Graz has something to offer for all tourists who come to this part of the world. Visit this beautiful land filled with maximum pleasures and get to see something wonderful and fascinating. Get to see Schlossberg and see the Uhrturm clock tower and experience the beautiful sights from atop this majestic tower. As you see the old historic town you would surely be filled with an unbelievable delight that shines of the history that existed here before. Visit the major landmarks here and enjoy the Murinsel which is an artificial glass island in the River Mur and see the past grandeur in full glow here. Graz is the second largest city in Austria and is filled with the pleasures of a travel luxury that is unbeatable. With mountains in the background and the beauty of the trendy ski resorts dominating the tour sights here, this region is  [...]
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  • Creative designed city in Kobe Pleasures
    Creative designed city in Kobe Pleasures
    Amongst the many cities with creative designs Kobe stands as a true example of great architectural elegance and lovely sights. Named as the UNESCO city of Design in the year 2008, Kobe is a unique and very well crafted city in this land of Japan. In the year 1860 when Japan opened its gates to the world, Kobe was one of the many ports it operated and since then has become a great gateway to the country of Japan. The people living in Kobe have contributed a lot to the creativity in this city. This was seen during the time there was an earthquake in the year 1995 and it destroyed the entire country destroying many parts of Kobe the city with the most creative design. During this time the citizens contributed in recreating the entire city back to shape. Kobe has a unique and special lifestyle that has totally amalgamated into the daily  [...]
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  • Welcome to Live Music Capital of the World – Austin
    Welcome to Live Music Capital of the World – Austin
    Austin is the capital of the state of Texas and a beautiful city with hills, lakes and valleys running through the city. It is situated on the eastern edge of American southwest in Central Texas and is the 4th biggest metropolitan apart from being the 14th most crowded city in United States. Originally, it was the 3rd fastest growing big city in the country from 2000 to 2006. At present, it has inhabitants of 799,447 and is an economic, cultural center of Austin Round Rock San Marcos metropolitan region with inhabitants of 1,896,291, making it one of the 32nd biggest cities in United States. Austin was settled in 1830s on Colorado River banks by pioneers who named it village Waterloo. In the year 1839, it was selected for becoming the newly independent Republic of Texas’ capital. The metropolitan region was renamed after the father  [...]
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  • Gateway Arch ST.Louis Missouri – The Tallest Stainless Steel Monument
    Gateway Arch ST.Louis Missouri – The Tallest Stainless Steel Monument
    Whenever we go to any place, it is the surroundings and the ambience that we bring back with us. Often all that we remember is some big structure and something spectacularly singular that we treasure. The Gateway Arch at St.Louis Misssouri is one such monument that surely blows out our mind. At 192m it is today the tallest monument made by man in the United States of America. Designed on a flattened centenary arch the Gateway Arch is located on the banks of the River Missisipi. Eero Saarinen a Finnish American designer designed this along with Hannskarl Bandel a structural engineer in the year 1947. The Arch took around two years to construct from 1963 to 1965. It cost around US$13million at that time to construct. Purely the idea of Luther Ely smith, the civic leader, the idea was to create a memorial for the public to respect  [...]
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  • The tallest building of the world
    The tallest building of the world
    Modern Skyscraper technology has advanced to a point where we are seeing taller and taller buildings.  As a result, on an average every 5 years we hear about a new ‘Tallest building’.  It was not so long time ago that the Empire State building was the tallest in the world.  Today, when we talk about the skyscrapers, we refer to the Petronas Towers, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Taipei 101 and the Burj Dubai. All of these engineering masterpieces are unique in their own way and are considered to be the tallest and the best the world has seen.  Let’s have a look at them below in more detail. Let’s start with the Petronas Twin Towers of Malaysia.  These towers have the distinction of being the tallest twin buildings in the world.  The towers stand at a height of 1483 feet.  The towers are connected by a sky  [...]
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  • Nagoya – The City With A Unique Design
    Nagoya – The City With A Unique Design
    In spite of its reputation of being conservative and provincial, Nagoya has won a place in the list of UNESCO’s creative cities. It is centrally located and serves as a crossroads for the nation. It is the fourth largest city in Japan in terms of population, as well as the nucleus of the third largest metropolitan area in the nation. Nagoya developed as the castle town of the Owari, one of the three branches of the ruling Tokugawa family during the Edo Period.  However, much of the city, including most of its historic buildings, was destroyed in the air raids of 1945. Despite all this Nagoya is the capital of Aichi Prefecture and the principal city of the Nobi plain Nagoya is known for the vastness of the underground shopping centers around Nagoya Station–including Unimall, Terumina, Meichika, and Sun Road. The size of this  [...]
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  • Kobe – A Mesmerizing Tourist Destination
    Kobe – A Mesmerizing Tourist Destination
    Kobe is the newest to join the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Creative Cities Network as a City of Design. Kobe is the sixth largest city in Japan and has distinctive features that distinguish it from other Japanese cities. The city of Kobe is nestled between the lush green Rokko Mountain range to the north and the shimmering blue water of the Seto Inland Sea to the south.  Kobe is a town that has been miraculously recovered from the earthquake. There are many distinctive features of Kobe – the beauty of its surrounding sea and mountains, international cuisine, Kobe beef, sake, specialty cakes and coffee, fashionable ambience, cultural assets and many more add as jewel to the crown of Kobe You can walk the streets of Kitano Cho, which is an exotic residential area to get a glimpse  [...]
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  • Montreal City Travel Guide – Canada’s Romantic Island City
    Montreal City Travel Guide – Canada’s Romantic Island City
    Montreal is a major hub of cultural pluralism in Canada. Vibrant Montreal is the third design city in UNESCO’s eminent list. Capable of admission in a number of areas other than design, the city is nonetheless the most avant-garde and stylish on the continent. Montreal derives its name from one of the hills, the Mont-Royal, and nowadays a very popular park with a view. There are eight hills in and around Montreal, peaking as high as 527 m, the remnants of Ice-Age Devonian volcanoes.  Montreal is located in the province of Quebec and it the second biggest city in Canada, it is also the second largest French-speaking city in the world. It is a city full of history, art and festivals. Some of Montreal’s best known festivals include The Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (Jazz Fest), Juste pour Rire (Just for Laughs), International  [...]
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  • Buenos Aires – Ground Zero For Memorable Travel Adventure
    Buenos Aires – Ground Zero For Memorable Travel Adventure
    Buenos Aires is the glamorous capital of Argentina and was the first city to be appointed by UNESCO as “The City Of Design” in 2005. Through public and private collaboration this city has been able to harness the energy and innovation of its design sector for development initiatives on a local, regional and international level. The city has diversified its economic growth potentials and is also known for building one of the most vibrant and dynamic design scenes in Latin America. Buenos Aires is a city which has people with a passion for life rivaled by no other. When you visit this amazing city you will be welcomed with a host of options to explore, You can check out the local culture, or learn to tango, to observe a sporting event, or  just merely have a business meeting, there is something for everyone. Buenos Aires is located  [...]
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