Calakmul…. The City Of The Two Adjacent Pyramids

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Calakmul is probably the largest Mayan city ever uncovered till now and is located in the Mexican state of Campeche. At its might the city was a Mayan superpower in the region of Peten and Yucatan. Archeologists have discovered 6,750 ancient structures in Calakum and are spread over an area of 70 square kilometers. The city at its peak equaled the power of Tikal and a lot is being known about the Mayan culture and its power from the deciphered Stelae and Murals that have been found in the city. The city grew from a small settlement around 500 AD. Most the great constructions happened between 550 AD and 700 AD. The end of the city was abrupt and is said to be in 810 AD.

The city also is home to the largest Mayan pyramid. The Great Pyramid is 55 meters high with an area of two square kilometers and has four tombs inside it.  The Great Pyramid is often referred as Structure II. One can get the view of the entire archeological site from the top of the Great Pyramid. Apart from the Great there are other pyramids in the city. Structure I is also a massive pyramid. Some of the other pyramids in the city were also used as observatory, temples, places of sacrifice, palaces and house-room built with figured stones.

Archeologists have also found a Ball Court which dates back to 8th century CE. Most of the city is now engulfed by deep forest and one has to navigate the terrain to move from one structure to another. The city was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

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  1. vareeja says:

    Calakmul is one of the most structure-rich sites within the Maya region. The site contains 117 stelae, the largest total in the region. Most are in paired sets representing rulers and their wives. However, because these carved stelae were produced in soft limestone, most of these stelae have been eroded beyond interpretation.
    The most prominent figure in these murals is identified as Lady Nine Stone; she appears in many scenes.

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