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Perched at acute South of Baja, Cabo San Lucas has served as a base for pirate ships who used to eagerly await for swooping on Spanish treasure ships. Recently, i.e. fifteen years before, this location was somewhat more than just fishing and tinning village that saw periodic visits of fishermen who were interested in adventurous activities like sailing and gliding in the waters. Later, it earned itself a reputation of sheltering marlin and after this, once the place which used to be lying in serenity and calmness was swamped with large crowds of fishermen. These fishermen landed here seeking the El Marlin Azul, as it sheltered lustrous and radar-implemented fishing yachts.

In the recent past, this destination bags the position of being a centre of attraction in Los Cabos wherein million dollars have been invested to build up apartments, palms have been transplanted, plush golf courses have been laid, and water is pumped in through San Jose. All these have helped in maintaining the surroundings and transforming it in an impeccable beauty. Because of this, it appears kind of enclave to US rather than Mexico. Indeed, they have geared up their socks firmly and not conserved those things which are not necessary for tourism industry.

Cabo San Lucas city

Tourists visiting here can grab fun and frolic for a day or two by indulging in popular activities like fishing or just cool themselves by diving in the pleasant waters. However, the prices here are comparatively high than the surrounding locale of San Jose. But one can truly relish fun here because this location bequeaths a party ambiance that is filled with high spirits and liveliness because the crowd mostly comprises of youngsters.Not only this, Cabo San Lucas has swung itself in high pace for touching the peaks of success. Currently, they can afford around 3000 rooms for rent; however the locals feel that the next target should be to build up 10,000 rooms which would parallel the town with well-rooted resorts like Mazatlan and Acapulco. In addition, they have set the goals to accomplish thriving amenities that include a massive mall that will provide amenities of a convention centre, a theatre complex, a bowling alley, a huge parking outlet and condos. The key attraction amidst the build up plans is to construct an artificial island reclining over the bay which would be equipped with all inclusive facilities comprising of restaurants and bars. Just imagine, what an eye-opener it would be?

Not only this, this destination also offers many eye-soothing and shining candies which are just tremendously outstanding. Gear up and let’s head ahead in the neighboring tourist attractions.

Attractions in and around

Land’s End:

Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, this is the most alluring eye-candy and a renowned major highlight. This area comprises of massive cluster of rock formations that have been carved by natural forces like the wind and sea. During the low tides, the travelers like to walk down alongside the Playa del Amante a.k.a. Lover’s beach. This location serves as a beautiful location which affords panoramic views of the dilapidated passageway known as the Arch of Poseidon. Also, it provides a spectacular view of Los Frailes and the two rock islands which experiences perpetual visits of sea lions.

Playa Santa Maria:

This is the most enthralling location that is famous for its underwater wildlife. Not only this, it is one of the foremost chilling beaches around Cabo. The warping north wall houses a reef which serves as a haven to the tropical fishes. The tour operators here offer great adventurous opportunities of snorkeling tours in which the tour operators will be making the tourists arrive here at 10a. Forget the rest of crowd, blankets and jewelry sellers and relish fun in the beach by landing up previously.

Playa Santa Maria

Princesa Cruises (La):

Princesa Cruise asserts to possess the largest sailing catamaran-style boat in Cabo. It gives snorkeling opportunities round the year and offers for two trips daily. Don’t forget to enjoy the tropical fish that can be seen at the close by Santa Marina Beach. The tour package facilitates the amenities of equipments, lunch and drinks. Also, this company offers for whale-watching that departs two times in a day strictly between January and March. It is an enchanting experience wherein you are taken close to the giant gray whales that migrate to Baja yearly for calving. Go aboard the cruise that departs two hours before the sunset and cherish the moment of the scenic sunset.

Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach:

Located at the west of the Hotel Cabo San Lucas, this chilling beach affords for safe swimming, dicing and snorkeling options. Its transparent waters and an added spice of the authentic coral reef transforms more charm and makes this location grand for bequeathing underwater views. People who are evading from the rushing fast pacer life can achieve the desired calmness and tranquility as this location is not surged with crowd. There is also a rental shop located at the beach that is owned and managed by Cabo Acuadeportes which offers rental equipments like umbrellas, beach blankets, snorkeling equipments and other requisite beach items. This makes your backpack lighter and renders opportunity for an enjoyable trip.

Playa el Medano

Playa el Medano:

This is a comprehensive beach which offers for more fun rather than just a swimming beach. This is a location from where the para-sailers depart, sunbathers relax and jet skis are rented. You can reach here through the way where loads of hotels are lined up or treading through the south from business district, enjoying the alongside watery edge. This is a magnificent beach that offers for all embracing activities and therefore ots these traits charm the hearts of tourists who like to recline in umbrella covered beach chairs.

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  1. Wonderful photos! Cabo is beautiful and is an amazing place to vacation. Great tips you have here on things to do and see.

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