Braving The Majestic Samaria Gorge- Part II

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The Samaria Gorge, locally known as the ‘Faranges’ is the key attractions located in the west Crete commences at Xyloskalo on the Omalos Plateau, tapering downward to the seashore Agia Roumeli village on the south Creten coast.

Treading the Xyloskalo path lands one in a widely diverse scenery that leaves an indelible imprint on all. The access to the Samaria Gorge can be availed through three courses, namely, the Xyloskalo entryway located south of Omalos plateau, the Omalos entryway through Poria starting from the eastern side and through Linoseli from the western side.

The well-maintained, signposted walkway that traverses the whole course of the gorge is the most treaded footpath in the entire of Greece coming second only to footpath of Mount Olympus. The footpath that goes way up to Agia Roumeli beaches is perennially bursting with a steady line of visitors, with facilities like portable water springs and loos located at regular intervals.

BravingThe spectacular glory of the Samaria gorge starts to unravel as one commences the journey from Xyloskalo, with the gorge cutting through the core of the White Mountains leading to the pristine clear beaches of the Libyan Sea. The Samaria gorge is flanked by the Eligia gorge to its eastern side and the more rugged duo gorges, Domata and Tripiti located on its western side. The footpath through the Samaria gorge passes between the Pahnes and Zaranokefala mountains located to its eastern side and the Gingilos Mount on its western side, prior to concluding the path, the gallant voyager would find himself soaked feet deep in water on numerous occasions.

On descending the footsteps of the Xyloskalo path one comes across the greyish Sapimenos or Mount Gingilos that soars up, with the opening of the canyon opening beneath.  At the right side, located on the Linoseli slopes is the hugGorgee locale full of ash-hued massive clusters of smallish debris stones that come rattling down the hill with the faintest of motion. Soaring to nearly 1,450metres high is the Linoseli spring situated at the boundary of the debris stone area, whose nippy waters are believed to have therapeutic properties.

As one nears the base of the gorge located nearly three kilometres from the start at Xyloskalo, one is blown away by the sights and sounds around, that is bound to mesmerise all with its splendour. The sounds of gushing waters, the lamenting winds, the sights of the nearby springs and the dense lush vegetation and unmatched ecological formations makes one feel as if one has reached God’s own paradise.

Braving The Majestic Samaria Gorge- Part I

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    I think it is an amazing kinda contrast to combine trek with spring & chilling on beach. I love it. Ricky, are there any cautions we need to take on this journey?

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