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Bora Bora beaches means first to born is the most romantic island in the whole world. Whatever it be, legends, mysteries, romance, all gets relate to the name itself that brings mystical feeling to the island. The island has everything that a romantic couple wants in a beach such as beautiful sunrise and sunset, pristine blue water, dazzling white sand and over water bungalows, which rates at 10 on a scale of romance. Over forty years, the resorts and hotels have been alluring couples for their perfect romantic vacation. Each resort or hotel has unique benefits that are designed to give couples unforgettable experience.

Bora Bora beaches
In the French Polynesia, this stunning tropical island stands out for the romantic happy holidays for the couples. Most of the visitors are the honeymooners, rich and famous people. Plus there are other more islands like Taha’a, Raiatea and Huahin, where you can cruise around in the tropical South Pacific Ocean, thus perfect place to cruise around on various islands.

Bora Bora island

Things to Do

You just cannot imagine doing anything else rather than relaxing and sipping drinks on the while glittering smooth sand with clear blue water washing off the shores and turquoise blue lagoons. The sunset is just amazing; red round spot in the horizon of the ocean and its red rays falling on seawater, which looks like red carpet, calling you to follow him in a wonderful world, which is beyond some magical place! And by your side while watching this romantic sunset, is sitting you loved one; holding hands with feeling never to leave it… is just awesome! In daytime do not just lie around, do snorkeling with your water or scuba diving. It is a great way to spend time laughing and having fun together. When you will leave from here, all you will take away are the memories- beautiful memories- from here! If you are water phobic, do not worry, hire a bicycle and explore the sites that exits just for you! Need to take away something from here just to keep it as a symbol of great time spend, wander and search of your choice from many boutiques and shops around the town. You will find plenty of shops selling hand painted Pareos (silk wraps) and the regions famous black pearls. The island also has great nightlife where you will also find relaxing joints. To eat, you will find everything from cheeseburger to islands fresh fish! At La Bounty, you will get plenty of options to select from Italian and French dishes, which are at very affordable prices.

Bora Bora Snorkeling

Getting Around

If you want roam around the island, you have many options such as hire a car like Avis or European car Vaitape pier; even scooters and cycle are available for rent. You will get public buses, which run on this island and be careful as these buses are never on time, let it be to depart or to reach somewhere. And the special thing about this buses are, they do not just work on Sundays, cool! I would recommend to you that take a cab for a day excursion. From pier to the main beach, you will get shuttle service, which will only cost you five dollars. The official language spoken is French and Tahitian but you will not face any language barrier here, as the English is common language spoken by the locals.

Cruise Stops

Most of the time, near main town of Vaitape in Pofai bay, cruise ships anchors. From there tender helps to reach across to the dockside. If it’s a halt of few hours, then Vaitape is a great place to hang out as there are many shops to shop into and restaurants with delicious food, and the excursions to the nearby areas is also breathtaking. Take a note of this that on Sunday evenings; the shops and restaurants are closed, so it would be better if you made other arrangement before coming here on this day. Compared to other destination in French Polynesia, Vaitape is very expensive for food, shopping, hiring cars, etc.

Bora Bora cruise
Great place for the romantic couples to visit especially those who want to celebrate their wedding anniversary or starting a new life with each other. You will not regret coming here! You will enjoy each and every moment spend here and with your loved one.

Bora Bora romantic vacations

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  1. vareeja says:

    Bora Bora is predestined for snorkeling and scuba diving in and around its lagoon.

    There are dive operators on the island offering manta ray dives and also shark-feeding dives.

  2. Ted says:

    Hey!! if you wanna see the ocean and sky intersect and look as one bora bora is the place to be…Anywhere i saw all i could see was heaven in the sky kissing the azure crystal clear water …here the two elements of nature are like just made for each doubt this place is famous as the romantic island…thumbs up for the post!!!
    .-= Ted´s last blog ..Paris =-.

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