Bletchley Park: Home of World War II’s talented minds – Part II

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In the last article, I shared with you about some of the main attractions in the Bletchley Park that is the best preserved secret of the Second World War in Britain. Now, I will speak about the remaining ones, as each one of them is worth a visit.

Regarded as the part of Block B, Bombe Rebuild Project reveals to you about a loyal design of the machine without which it would not have been possible to break the big numbers of the encoded Enigma messages. Prior to the war, Polish crypto-analysts made an electro-mechanical machine so that they could test the rotor settings named a ‘Bomba’ of Enigma. But, this was later changed a bit by the German military thus cutting down the ability to decrypt the messages. Some 200 Bombes were actually made by the British Tabulating Machine firm, but all were destroyed.

One more exhibition in Block B is the working Milton Keynes Amateur Radio centre revealing the popular hobby of Amateur (Ham) Radio. This is where you can see the installation and working collection of classic historical equipment. Through its roof aerial systems, you can contact anywhere in the world. And yes, there are normal demonstrations via speech, video, morse code, and text messaging.

Colossus Rebuild Project in the Bletchley Park will show you the rebuilding of an authentic semi-programmable computer, the first of its kind invented long ago. Seen in Block H, this machine aimed at breaking the Lorenz messages and was a faster as well as reliable one. The most surprising fact is that this was the first digital information processor and obviously, a predecessor of the current computers. Our guide further told us that with this unexpected wonder, Lorenz was cracked in just hours instead of weeks because of the machine’s capability of performing complex statistical analysis that ensured its speed of 5,000 characters per second. He also revealed that in the past, the Bletchley Park was the home of 10 working Colossus.

At the Bletchley Park Post Office, you will come across many small collections of history as well as art at the park. Just do not take it for granted as a visit to this section is really essential for its small little gems and the mystery of its origin as no one is sure about the birth and purpose of this office. Today, you can see everything – sub-post office recreation as well as first day covers of the former secret mailroom fetching high prices at auction. There is also a garage opened daily where you will come across the tools, a few post-war cars for comparing styles, which allure the visitors, two Austins on show, The Talbot, as well as the 1938 Ambulance.

Projected Picture Trust was the outcome of the decline of the cinema charm in 1960’s, which now aims at preserving a permanent exhibition of the classic cinema. This small cinema casts ancient wartime shows, which is liked by several park visitors. Everything is covered here in PPT archive – instruction manuals, sales leaflets, technical drawings of projectors, photographs, and newspaper clippings. You can visit this only on weekends only. Films show from 1:00 pm and at an interval of half hour till 4:30 pm in winters. The same timings in winter are from 2 to 4 pm.

Have fun while exploring the Maritime Display featuring the various models of commercial as well as naval vessels. The modern boating aspects are disclosed at the Leighton Buzzard Model Boat Club here, while the park lake is just ideal for the club sailing events in June’s last weekend. The members sail all models such as warships, yachts, tugs, merchant ships, fun boats, and static models. A working Model Railway is famous among the visitors, which is fully loaded with trees, junctions, and tunnels. However, this is not open regularly; so, need to inquire about it. At the Pigeons at War, know about the gallant role of these cute birds during the war.

Just also spend some time by strolling at the shimmering lake that houses ducks and swans. Finally, there is a Gift Shop selling several books, merchandise, and souvenirs.

Bletchley Park: Home of World War II’s talented minds: Part-I

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  1. Mary says:


    Thanks for this post on the Bletchley Park! I really was planning to visit this park on my next trip, but was unaware that there is so much to see there, especially the projects there. By reading this article, I really feel that now I know what I am going to visit!

  2. Franco says:


    I really loved this article! By the way, my friend had just visited this park and shared with me everything that is written here. Although I am not interested in war related stuff, somehow I am getting inclined to visit this one. Don’t know whether I will visit or no; but I appreciate the writer who have revealed the attractions here in details!

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