Blend Of Eclectic Arts And Architecture, Paris – Part II

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Tourist attractions

Eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower is a unique trademark of Paris; Eiffel Tower adds the sophistication and oomph to the glorious Paris. Initially the tallest structure of the world, it was erected by Gustave Eiffel at a height of 300 meters (984 feet) for the 1889 World Fair. During the initial years, this tallest building went into controversies as most of the people were against it, everyone didn’t approve of it. Most of the people looked upon it as an ugly thing and urged to pull it down. However, today this spectacular monument serves as an eye-candy to huge flocks of tourists. Get on the top by elevators and view the scenic vistas of the vicinity.

eiffel tower

Musee d’Orsay

Known as Gare d’Orsay, it was established for World Fair of 1900. During the World War II, this building served as a welcome spot for released prisoners. After abandoning the train station Gare and closure of the neighboring hotel in 1973, the building was threatened to devastation. Later, it was confirmed that the building should be used for displaying various art forms from the second half of 19th century. Finally, the building opened its gate in 1986 under the bureaucratic rule of Francois Mitterrand.


Today, Musee d’Orsay spreads its charm across the world and witnesses visit of nearly 2.5 million tourists. Its impressive and splendid artwork is highly exalted by the throngs of tourists. The magnum opus and most appraised art work amidst all include the outrageous Enterrement a’Ornans of Gustave Courbet and Glaneuses by Jean Francois Millet. Musee d’Orsay has loads more to offer to art-passionate. Art enthusiasts should definitely make here at least once in the whole lifetime.

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

Standing against Paris’s most scenic district Montmartre, Romano-Byzantine basilica is a great and distinct spot worth visiting. It is its unusual dome that looms over the rooftop and provides picturesque bird’s eye views of the city. Step in the interiors and gaze the mosaic of Christ and Crypt that form tourist attraction. Build under the supervision of Architect Paul Abadie, it was authorized by the Catholic Church, subsequently after which the construction work began in 1875 and got completed in 1914.

cathedrale notre dame

Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris

This majestic cathedral affords spectacular views, after ascending 387 steps and getting access over the top. This is first Gothic cathedral whose construction embarked in 1163 and saw major completion in 1212. However, the final construction work marked after the installation of two transept gates in 1270. This historic cathedral’s most noteworthy facades include the west side which is embellished with three finesse decorated doorways and crowned with two 69 meter (226 foot) towers.

Basilique du Sacre Coeur

Blend Of Eclectic Arts And Architecture, Paris

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  1. Adrian says:

    Lovers paradise is the 2nd name of such a beautiful city! One of thr wonders of the world, amazing architecture and restaurants.

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    I am a french and this city is the place where everyone can enjoy to the core!

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    Last year I had been to Paris and it was the most amazing experience while travellin Europe. This place is simply awesome:)

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    My dream destiny to live in here! This place is like something out of the world.

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