Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part II

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Beguiling Berlin EncoreThe Gedenkstätte Haus der Wannsee-Konferenz, the iniquitous villa where top-ranking Nazis presided over by Heydrich, chalked out their devious closing plans on the expediency of genocide is now the place of tribute, the Wannsee Conference Memorial House that showcases photographic displays on that fateful conference and the its outcome. The Museum Berlin-Karlshorst comprises of sixteen rooms inclusive of the one where the Nazi commanders signed the absolute surrender after the Soviets conquered Berlin. The museum guides one through the two world wars, the cold war including an assortment of deals, surrenders and conquests along with various photos, video displays amongst others.

Cogitate over the mammoth atrocities inflicted over millions of Jews at the cruel hands of Hitler and his army by visiting the Holocaust Memorial spanning a 19,000sq.mtrs consisting of 2,711 unnamed grave stones set up in rippled rows in varied inclinations, situated close to the Brandenburg Gate and minutes away from the burial place holding the remnants of Hitler’s dugout. The Judisches Museum’s soul stirring architecture built on the theme of a blown up Star of David depicts the seeming void that ensued post the devastation of the Jews.

zoogates bigThe razing down of the Berlin Wall signified the conclusion of the East and West partition. Though major portions of the Wall had been pulled down, some parts like the famed 1,316m long stretching, East Side Gallery holds hundred plus paintings, situated along Mühlenstrasse, and the Bernauer Strasse –the site where the official razing down commenced, amongst others still remain. At Sandkrugbrücke situated at an earlier border cross, is a stone that venerates the foremost escapees who was shot at while attempting a getaway to the West.

The Checkpoint Charlie, the point of access to the West Berlin for the Allied troops and visiting foreigners was pulled down a year post the Wall being torn down. Tracks of bricks sketch out the pathway where great Berlin Wall at one point of time stood. A copy of the Checkpoint Charlie booth and symbol is found at the initial location. The Allied Museum situated in Zehlendorf holds the initial booth. The Haus am Checkpoint Charlie has a museum which showcases the past of the Wall.

The Berlin Zoo, dating back to 1844 is nestled amidst scenic landscapes and has 15,000 animals from 1400 species many belonging to exquisite forms, with wide play area and petting zone.  The exceptional aquarium nearby houses insects, reptilian, amphibian forms along with varied fish forms.

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