Beguiling Berlin Encore – Part I

Amazing Europe | | July 21, 2009 at 5:11 pm


brandenburggate frontatnightPlot your course through Berlin’s fine history as one moseys down the lime trees speckled boulevard in central Berlin, the Unter den Linden Street running in the east-west direction from the Brandenburg Gate, or the Gate of Peace that bore witness to the festivities when the Berlin Wall was torn down. The scenic Tiergarten located to the west of the gate was a hunting ground for King Freidrich Wilhelm during the mid 16th century. The Friedrichstrasse Street, a major shopping street is located to the south of the gate, the Reichstag is on the north end of the gate having the German Parliament and the Museum Island is on the eastern side of the gate. The plethora of monuments stand testament to Berlin’s evolutionary process from the Hohenzollern dynasty to the GDR.

museum sinselThe Potsdamer Platz Arkaden located on the South of Tiergarten, the city’s commercial hub, was once Europe’s most bustling squares prior to it being blasted even during the World War II, followed by the intersection of the Berlin Wall, giving way to creation of numerous high rises. One can see the mock-up of Europe’s premier traffic lights that were laid here during 1924. Several attractions include the Film Museum Berlin, the innovative Arsenal cinema, the Sony center, the 93m high viewing deck at the Kohlhof building .It is the annual setting for the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival.

Located on the east of Unter den Linden populating an island on the Spree River is the Museum Island. Its set of five museums, created as a haven for arts and science, has a proud mention in the UNESCO World Heritage Listing. The Altes Museum, looks quite like a Greek Corinth Temple, was initially built to showcase the royal family fortune, now has a display of primeval relics from the Greek and Roman era. The Bode Museum with its wide array of ancient sculptures and paintings, the under renovation Neues Museum, the Pergamon Museum that houses famed antiques like the Ishtar Gate of Babylon amongst many others belonging to the Greek and Roman era.

e01bb98a138654e25ee63e9b7ab7edf8_2b4Berlin has the most splendid array of momentous and modern structures that dot the skyline. The teasing glass dome structure situated atop the Foster’s, Reichstag, proffers a spectacular light display. One can trek up the scenic Victoria Park cross hill located in Kreuzberg for some magnificent sights of Berlin. Zoom up to the Panoramapunkt located in Potsdamer Platz via a zippy elevator to an observation area, to get a feel to the towering magnificence of the place.

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