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Asia, Caribbean | | August 26, 2010 at 3:43 am


Having fun by the beach side is no longer what it used to be. Sure, you’ve still got the white sands crinkling below your feet (that’s if you’re savvy and picked the right spot), the sparkling azure waters lapping at your feet and, on a good day, the aroma of freshly cooked tickling your olfactory senses. But it still isn’t what it used to be; that beachside cabana is no longer that perfect sultry summer getaway, it’s now a perfect piece of real estate everyone wants a piece of. From honeymooning couples looking to make love and a whole lot of memories to high rollers looking to buy a slice of nature, everything is now commercialized with no pleasure spared. Why then, do I feel like my spirits have fallen through the floor and distinctly deflated?

At one time, the sun-lounge was a thing of much wonder to covet, drawing stares and glares from fellow guests envious of your good fortune. Every little creature comfort known to man is now being made available to a guest, and the Cabana is no longer a joy to be had. It is now a luxury to indulge in, a footnote in the journey rather than its zenith. They still vary wildly in style, some barely curtained beds by waters edge while some are more elaborate and ornate but they all share one thing in common; the fantastic waterside location that everyone wants in on. Take the Amankila in Bali as a case in point. The hotel is by all means world class and a work of art, but its cabanas are complimentary (and extremely popular) and first come first serve. Pitch yourself under the thatched roof and you’ll never have to leave (unless you want to, but why would you do that?).

Bahamas cabanas

In comparison, the Atlantis in the Bahamas overwhelms you with its beauty and the obscenity of it all. There are the usual towels and treats to take care of your most basic needs and in case you’re in the mood for a bit of a tipple, there’s a cart that takes care of that too (and the hangover, with eucalyptus eye towels and Vitamin C at the ready. All of this can be yours for the super-low price of only $650 a day (a room can be had for only $200 per night. Yikes!) There is a certain inescapable star quality that all of these cabanas have and to be standing (or lying down, your call) behind one of those billowing curtains and be mistaken for a Hollywood star or some A-list celebrity is a buzz in itself. Still, the old world charm of lazing around for leisure’s sake is now gone and all that remains is the vicarious pleasure of living it up. Give up and give in, resistance is futile.

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