Bamyan Pristine Abode Of The Colossal Buddhas- Part I

Temples of Asia | | August 25, 2009 at 3:58 am


bamiyan cavesBamyan is Afghanistan’s most reachable and safe destination after Kabul that has the finest, awe-inspiring statues of Buddha nestled in its valley in central Afghanistan nearly hundred miles from west Kabul.

The road tread to visit these magnificent statues is a torturous, close to ten hours drive by road, but the picturesque locales through the ride and the quaint, calm Bamyan village with its singular, spiralling road is a soothing variation to the chaotic existence noticed in Kabul. The ride commences at the street located south of Ghazni, an amazing road that metamorphoses into stony pathways, with evident stopovers due to scrupulous motor vehicle and complete body screening that are frequently undertaken in these parts.

One crosses past the two passes, the 3,300 meters towering Unai and Hakigak that is 3,700 meters tall, en route to Bamyan. The sceneries one passes by are truly breathtaking and constantly changing from the initially noticed five thousand meters tall ice-covered mountains, followed by gravelly aridness, gorges, further rock-strewn ledges, rocks in multicoloured forms and hues. One can notice the overwhelming signs of the conflict in the metallic relics strewn over the way, though the more disturbing signs are those of the numerous mine fields found in the Salang Pass, also observed amid Torkham and Kabul. A calming effect to watch the itinerant herd mongers living in their miniature pergolas speckled on the wide-open grasslands with their pack of camels, sheep and wilful dogs.

The village of Bamyan is covered mainly with one to two storied mud block homes with a predominantly Hazara bamian buddhaminority populace. The mammoth dual Buddha statues that were ravaged by the Taliban insurgents during 2001 are close to thirty minutes stride from the village and the duo statues are nearly fifteen minutes walking distance apart from each other. The bare enclosed spaces where the two enormous Buddhas once soared can be viewed from any part of the village and further than it. Flanked between the two Buddhas are dozens of caverns that are at present abodes of the war migrants.

The magnanimous duo Buddha statues were carved into a sun-blanched rocky crag that gazed down at the valley located on the Silk Road for close to two thousand years. On both sides of the statues, the crag along the suspended alcove is seen pierced with multitude of caves.

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  1. Carla says:

    Torturous? Ricky, I guess, its matter of the perspective. If you have a handy cam & wanna cover its feral beauty of rocks, mountains & the metallic shine of relics, you are gonna be lost in rough & ethnic beauty of it. Common guys! what are you gonna say on that?

  2. Tim says:

    If pictures say about the majestic, humongous & rocking this place is, I am so sure gonna do it, even if it’s torturous, its a valuable persuasion for me. Thanks Ricky, what a post!
    I am a foodie. Tell me what’s the food like?

  3. Mel says:

    Is it safe? I mean, news haven’t made the most positive impression about the place. I think, spiritually, I would want to visit Bamiyan too. Although they are ruins, I think, it’s really touching. However, one must never under evaluate the practical side of it. Ricky, What say?

  4. Christopher says:

    I genuinely appreciated the nuances of description of journey you caught are very realistic. But I believe covering the infrastructure issues is important. It was hardly available long ago when I traveled.

  5. Misty says:

    I guess, what I loved most about the place is that its kinda unusual destination to travel & rare explorations to be experienced. Fascinating & never-seen-before visuals, man! It’s a fabulous idea!

  6. vareeja says:

    History is surely fascinating and coupled withevidences such as these it becomes even more interesting a story to remember… A classic architectural marvel…!

  7. vareeja says:

    Fantastic and very fascinating read…Wild and completely unusual.. It is indeed noteworthy….

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