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The word ‘ayurveda’ is said to have come from two Sanskrit terms – ayu means ‘life’ and veda means ‘knowledge’. Therefore ayurveda could be called the science of life. It is a science by which people can obtain knowledge about the harmful and the beneficial ways of life.

Ayurveda is a traditional method of treating a number of ailments and also promotion a state of overall wellbeing. It combines physical massages and herbal medications along with a number of different forms of therapy.

A number of Ayurvedic centers are being run by the people of India at Kerala, a state that lies at the absolute south of India.  A trip to Kerala could leave you feeling rejuvenated because it could be a heady mix of natural beauty and ayurvedic tranquility.

Some General Types of Ayurvedic Treatments:

Even if we attempt to explain all the various types of treatments available, we might not be able to or we may run out of space to type all that much. The least we could do is give you a preview of such treatments that you could undergo while on a health vacation in Kerala.


This is a special type of Kerala type massage which is known to be done by two people at the same time. It includes the use of medicated warm oils.

It is said to improve the circulation of blood and is known to strengthen muscles and joints. It is also said to relax the body and mind and thus help the person in having a good night’s sleep. It improves skin texture and also nourishes the nerves.



This is the name given to the process of massaging the body using a heated cloth bag that has been filled with medicinal leaves that have been fried. This process is conducted by three people at one time.

It is known to help in stimulating the nerves and is also capable of reducing pain. This form of treatment is appropriate for people grappling with arthritis, sciatica, nervous disorders, rheumatism and paralysis.



The body will be massaged with linen bags that have been filled using cooked Navara rice. These bags will frequently be warmed by dipping it in a mixture of milk and decoction. It has to be performed by 3 people.

It is said to the ‘cardinal’ treatment for people suffering from diseases that affect the nervous system – emaciation of limbs, sciatica, hypertension, strokes, etc.



This is the process that involves massaging the body from down to up using herbal powders.

This treatment is generally used for cholesterol, rheumatic complaints or obesity.



Literally put, it means the pouring of a liquid onto the forehead in one continuous stream. Different types of liquids are used for different purposes.


  • Thailadhara
    Shirodhara using medicated oil. This procedure is good for nervous disorders. For instance, facial palsy and hemiplegia.
  • Thakradhara
    Shirodhara using medicated buttermilk. This helps in treating skin diseases or disorders, stress, sleeplessness and insanity.
  • Ksheeradhara
    Shirodhara using medicated milk. This is useful to cool the head in case of people grappling with insomnia.
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  1. Maya says:


    This makes Kerela, a trip for sure, marked on my calender, for the year-end!

    I found you article really really good! Very informative!

    I am bookmarking this page!

  2. Ester D'costa says:

    Traditional therapies are so much in acclaim and I would definitely swear by it.

    In India, the land of Ayurveda, holistic therapies get the bestest possible treatment.

    Your heart will be full when you leave this beautiful and calm place.

    You’ll definitely return for more of this place and people and their way of life, their culture, their Ayurveda!

    Cheers! :-)

  3. Peter Becerra says:

    I tried for the first time the Ayurvedic therapy on a health tour to India and the experience was beyond the describable..At the end of it, I had lost several kgs of weight and was feeling completely rejuvenated and de-stressed and really well! Thanks I’ll definitely return to this place for more :-)

  4. Holly Ryerson says:

    The Panchkarma cleansing, or the five senses cleansing really helped me a lot!I underwent this therapy here in Kerela.. And the end result was I got to see a completely new self of me,my outlook was changed..I was radiant and felt all my senses in complete power!
    I was released from myself, my inhibitions and tensions! I was really satisfied with myself and felt in complete control of me!
    I ‘m glad I came to India for this experience..! It was really fulfilling!
    Thanks for the post :-)

  5. Jacques Doyle says:

    I’m enchanted by Kerela and it’s people…

    It’s so FASCINATING that you can be freed in one moment with the healing oils and ancient and well-practiced ayurvedic therapies!
    I really benefited from it and would recommend all to try Ayurvedic healing oill therapies to boost your CHAKRAS and SENSES and bring them to their strongest! Thanks a lot :-)

  6. Andre Baxter says:

    Indeed, the treatments were handled by professionals and after being initially consulted we started with the treatment..There were regular check-ups of our pulses and pressure..
    The entire system that these amateurs have developed to present Ayurveda to the foreign tourists is really praiseworthy!
    Daily therapies enlighten inner energies, improve your concentration and boost self-confidence!

    Thank you so much India for making my trip so memorable and fantastic!
    Thanks for the informative post too!

    I’m keen on visiting this place again and again in the future! It’s just so Good! :-)

  7. Ekeope Queus says:

    Great post! Keep posting more! I love reading about India and its ancient methodologies to cure human maladies and improve overall well-being of a person in such a unique and physically relaxing way!
    BRAVO INDIA! :-)

  8. Philip Johnson says:

    Simply AWESOME post! I really enjoyed reading it! Very engrossing with so much of information! Thanks :-)

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