Around the world in search of chocolates – I

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The chocolate lovers cannot quench their lust of having chocolate and a gourmet for chocolate will like to taste different form of chocolates. If you are a real chocolate freak then you may embark on a choco journey to entice your taste buds with exotic flavors of chocolates in different countries. You may happen to land up for your business purpose at these places, which are famous for its chocolate recipes. You may miss out these delicacies in the humdrum if your business trip and hence just have a look at the list of chocolate spots.

The love of chocolate is noteworthy among the Belgians and they treat chocolate at equal stature of beer. Belgium is not just known for making it, the Belgians have developed quaint recipes and have innovated new flavors of chocolate. Especially the people of Flanders have gained prominence as famous chocolatiers.

The next time you feel to take a bite of Dairy Milk, don’t forget to think about Tetteh Quarshie. The name may be a new one for you, but the seed he planted has generated a food that is not a rare delicacy- chocolate. He was the first man who planted the seed of cacao in Ghana. This plant made Ghana the primary exporter of Cocoa during the entire 20th century. If you ever visit Ghana sneak into the cocoa plantation farm of Quarshie.

Venezuela is one more place that the purists of chocolate love to visit and three distinct flavors (vanilla, nuts and caramel) of the chocolates that stays in your mouth after having the chocolate is a heavenly experience as described by chocolate snobs. Venezuela and most importantly Peri Peninsula is known for its chocolates and is often known as Chocolate Coast.

With so much information in hand, I wish your chocolate ride continues.

Around the world in Search of Chocolate – II

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