Around the world in Search of Chocolate – II

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The love for chocolates has never receded despite new and better candies making a niche in the market of sweets. The long legacy of chocolates cannot be described within a single post and I had to come up with new post for the discovery of hot chocolate spots around the world. In my last post I have been telling a lot about the Ghana, Belgium and Venezuela and how they have made a sweet history with chocolates. In this post t I will take you to other nations of the world and cities also which are famous for giving new edge to the mouth watering sweet one can ever taste- chocolate.

Southern Belize was discovered the pod years ago which had the seeds of cacao and today cacao growers in Belize have made anew brand in chocolate with Green & Black’s chocolate. The Maya God bars of this brand of chocolate are based o the ancient recipe of making kukuh drink; the drink which Colombus had when was lost in the charm of Central America.

Bournville in England is  just a name of a city and that is the origin of the term.  Today ask anyone about the city and they will instantly reply back with the name followed by chocolate. The Cadbury World of Brimingham is the reason for us to drool as we watch the brown liquid poured in to glasses or to see the brown naked bars being wrapped in silver foils. The biggest Cadbury Shop is in this place and don’t miss it if you happen to drop here.

Italy is one more lace where the chocolate lovers will love to drop in to Italy and especially in the city of Turin. Duke Filiberto was the first person to introduce chocolate here in the form of Aztec drink and since then the city had been made for chocolates. Chocolate shops in Turin are noteworthy and are equally famous as pizzerias.

Switzerland is one more haven for chocolate buffs and it boasts to have some of the famous chocolate markers of the world; Nestlé, Lindt, Toblerone and Suchard.

With so many destinations in hand I am sure you cannot stop drooling. Chart a chocolaty course around the world and make a journey as memorable and sweet as chocolate is.

Around the world in search of chocolates – I

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