Andaman Islands – Treasure Trove Islands Part-II

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The Ross Island, the ex-capital city during British rule, is a small island, home to wrecks of old structures like Government House, Chief Commissioner’s House, Press and Ballroom amongst several others reached from the Phoenix Bay Jetty via boat services. The aborigines were convinced by the British to come and settle down, whose houses, tools and lives are depicted in the Anthropological Museum at Phoenix Bay. Smritika museum has been set up by the Navy that portrays the rich history of the island.

d3b1fb02964aa64lThe tranquil, small, scenic island of Viper has borne silent witness to unthinkable torment, with many who breached the Penal Settlement, being compelled to slog it out in chains. The gallows erected atop the hummock was strategically located so that all prisoners could witness it.

The vegetable basin of the Andamans, the thriving green Neil Island with its scenic sandy beaches along with Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Bharatpur are the perfect eco-paly getaways. One is humbled by the soothing ambience and earnest lifestyles of simplistic village life. Fleets of dolphins are regular visitors around Long Island which has charming Lalaji Bay with its untainted setting.

Cutbert bay has the most serene village existence amalgamating wonderfully with unspoilt nature. It transforms into turtle breeding ground during the early months of the year. One can enjoy utter bliss in the Panchavati waterfalls or the marvellous Amkunj beach en route to Cutbert bay.

Karmatang beach also a turtle breeding ground along with Mayabunder has the most unique cross-cultural dwellers that comprise its divergent culture. The mangrove bordered bays add to the lure of the place.

The dual islands of Ross and Smith are ideal for those who seek solitude from urbane monotony. The Little Andaman Island has numerous beaches dotting the coast of the island. The most scenic of them is the beach located at Butler Bay with cascading waterfalls, oil palm farms. The Hut Bay proffers some truly splendid views.

The Corbyn’s Cove is the closest to reach from Port Blair, at a mere 7 km distance. Other great options are the close proximity located Snake Island, Jolly Buoy or the Red Skin with its rich coral reefs.

To view the splendid Limestone caves or the mud volcano, head off to Baratang Island situated between Central and South Andamans. One has to venture through lush, dense forest to make it to Baratang. Havelock Island and the Parrot Island can be visited from Rangat and Barantang Island.

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