Amazing Inca Architecture And Construction At Ollantaytambo

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Ollantaytambo located at an altitude of 2,792 meters above sea level is an Inca archaeological site. Ollantaytambo is 60 kilometers northwest of Cusco in Southern Peru and lies on route to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail.

The town of Ollantaytambo and the region surrounding it was conquered by Inca King Pachacuti. The town was part of the king’s personal estate. Post the conquest the king rebuilt the town and also carried extensive construction projects of terracing and irrigation. The served as a staying place for the Inca nobility and the terraces surrounding the town were farmed yanaconas who were retained by the king. After the king’s death the town came under the supervision of his family clan. The town again came into light during the Spanish conquest of Peru as it served as capital for the Inca resistance leader Manco Inca.

ollantaytambo mapIn Ollantaytambo, the key colonization had a general layout that was orthogonal, with 4 lengthwise roads being crossed by 7 parallel roads. The Incas constructed a mammoth four blocks large spanning plaza at the core of this grid that opened to the east side and was encircled by halls and other settlement blocks on its 3 other sides. The Inca structures located to the northern side of the plaza were constructed of unfinished stones occurring innately in the fields. Those buildings located to the western and southern side were constructed with well-cut and fitted stones. All those blocks that were situated on the south half of the town were constructed to the analogous design – each included duo kancha – compounds that had walls with 4 single room buildings located about a core patio. Constructions found in the north half display greater design variations, but, regrettably majority of them are in such a dilapidated state that their initial plan is difficult to decipher.

Ollantaytambo is one of the oldest occupied dwellings in the continent of South America. The town is bordered by a steep hill called the Cerro Bandolista. Incas had constructed a ceremonial centre on the hill. Also a large part of the hill facing the town was made into terraces by the Incas. One can reach the ceremonial center through a series of stairways. Other key attractions are the Inca storehouses. Incas had built several storehouses in the hills surrounding the city of Ollantaytambo. As these store houses were located at a higher altitude, thus they helped the Incas to preserve food material for a longer time. Also most of them have excellent ventilation system and are built on the slope, thus from the top side they could be filled with grains and the same grain could be emptied using a window on the down side.

Ollantaytambo granaries Stevage Ollantaytambo terraces Ollantaytambo

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