Amazing Areas You Must See When Visiting Egypt

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If you are tossing around the idea of taking your family members on a long awaited grand family vacation to the beautiful area of Egypt, then be prepared because each one of you are certainly in for one of the most unforgettable times of your life. Held within the beauty and the wonder of Egypt, you will find that there are several spectacular areas that you will want to take your family on an adventurous sight seeing tour. Generally you can bet that the very first sight that most everyone can hardly wait to visit are the Great Pyramids, and for very good reason. Built back in the 5th Century BC, these breathtaking pyramids can easily put you in awe at the mere sight of them and the puzzling way in which they were built.

egypt5The well-known and popular Nile River is of course another breathtakingly beautiful sight that is continuously visited by both the locals and the traveling visitors as well. Your trip has simply not yet been made complete without taking advantage of a memorable Falucca trip down this amazing river that has been involved in an endless amount of interesting history.

One sight that both the individuals that are young and those that are young at heart are sure to enjoy while in the astounding land of Egypt would be St. Catherine’s Monastery. Can you imagine being able to walk along the same area as Moses of the Bible did when he received the Ten Commandments, or when he witnessed the Burning Bush that was ablaze? Well, that is exactly what you and your family will be doing when you are walking through and viewing this historical building as it was built on the same area of land that these wondrous events occurred.

There are many other magnificent areas that you will want to take your family to visit that are sure to give each one of you memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. These areas would include the city of Alexandria, Islamic Cairo, the Luxor and Karnak temples, Abu Simbel, and many others that will take your breath away.

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