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UAE forms a triangle connecting Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai at the three sides. While Dubai is undoubtedly forms the commercial capital, and Abu Dhabi the official capital; little is known and said about the enchanting lands of Al Ain. As soon as one drives from Dubai, and forays into the territories of Al Ain, a significant different in the color of the soil can be witnessed. The red-hued sand dunes shimmering in the sun in the backdrop of enticing gigantic mountains, Al Ain wins over the heart of the visitor and has something for each one coming to this fairly laid back city as compared to the fast and commercial Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Al Ain registers itself as one of the biggest cities in the whole of United Arab Emirates and is officially contained in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Well connected to many other great spots, Al Ain emerges as a perfect holiday spot owing to the gamut of activities, adventures, sights and sceneries it offers.

While driving to the city, the visitor is greeted by the picturesque sand dunes on both sides of the road, arrayed with palm trees throughout the stretch. A number of dainty mosques can be spectacled while driving into the city. If you’re lucky, then you can also see camels walking in the sand dunes as your car drives past by. Because of its exquisite sand dunes, the city also earns the title of that of an Urban Oasis. One can drive up to the border of Oman from Al Ain as the two are in close proximity.

Al Ain sand dunes

While going up to Oman, the cultural village of Hatta makes for a must visit as it is here, that the museum displays the authentic culture of the Arabs who lived here. Prior to the discovery of oil and rapid economic growth, UAE was not as rich and a commercial hub that it is today. It becomes amazing to spectacle the ancient and authentic traditions of the Arabs, see how they live, as the museum is built like a home of the Arabs, and you can go about visiting the house. This Hatta Cultural Center also displays the artifacts and other wares, dresses, swords, arms of the ancient Arabs. Their houses made of clay, yet so enormous is quite an experience in itself. There are recorded tapes along with visual footage that show how the traditional festivals were celebrated, their marriage ceremonies used to happen, in short a perfect gateway into the heart of ancient Arab.

Apart from the Cultural Village of Hatta close to border of UAE and Oman, within Al Ain there are umpteen options explore. Abuzz with leading restaurants, starting your day with sumptuous breakfast at any of the eateries is the best way to kick-start your wanderlust. Over here, one can find maximum local occupancy, as Al Ain serves as a break-away or holiday spot even for the original Sheikhs who prefer to find refuge in the cooler climate of Al Ain than other humid and sultry places.

Al Ain Restaurant

In Al Ain, one can easily spot old style homes and forts, while some not in a very good condition, but the restoration efforts and other structures standing still in a good condition are all listed under the key sites of archaeological significance. The bygone era of the UAE twinkles even today, after so much commercial development.

Just as we promised Al Ain has something for each and everyone, the little ones can definitely look ahead for some time of excitement and fun at the Al Ain Zoo. Al Ain Zoo makes for one of the most visited places along with the Al Ain Mall. For over more than 4 decades, the Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium have emerged as the hot-spot and most favorite destination for the kids. It is because of the efforts of the UAE’s President who had a keen interest in wildlife and varied species of animals and plants. In the zoo, most of the area is comprised by antelope and Arabian deer. There are pumas, togers, jaguars, gazelle, and many more animals which make the visit to the Al Ain Zoo so worthwhile. The Al Ain aquarium is a home to many fish and other creatures including seals which again makes for a great experience. The best part is that entry into the zoo is not at all expensive and very nominal.

Al Ain Zoo

Further ahead, the place has also earned its name as the ‘Garden City of the Gulf’ as Al Ain features many picturesque gardens and parks abundant with beautiful flowers and other plants. It is because of this natural beauty away from the hustle bustle of the commercial world, that a lot of people turn to Al Ain for a vacation. The gardens present an amazing contrast to the aridness of the place. Amidst a traditional vibe, visiting Al Ain is like experiencing the real world of Arabs.

Al Ain Garden City

Within the city there are a number of places of interest. Camel Race is most revered in UAE, and thereby finding the Camel race-courses is not at all difficult. There is also the Camel Souqs. Souqs means a market place in Arabian countries. For some entertainment, one can head to the Ain Al – Faydhah Resort or even the Al Ain Museum.

Al Ain Camel Race

The Jebel Hafeet point is also one of the best places to go for a drive and take enjoy the panoramic views of the city from atop.  Down below, before taking up the road to Jebel Hafeet, camping enthusiasts can explore the Green Mubazzarra where sulphur springs flow through the park, and a lot of locals as well as tourists set up their tents and stay in the park overnight. The park features green mountains and an amazing green park which is all simulated and created. Even then the experience is quite enjoyable, with barbecue grills all around, many colorful tents, kids and adults sitting by the springs, with their feet dipped in.

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