Ajmer Sharif

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Ajmer Sharif” – The place rung a faint familiarity in my mind when I heard it for the first time. A much awaited vacation was in tow and I knew that I have to hunt down for off beat places to visit and unwind from my cluttered schedule. The next thing I found my self doing was doing a google search for Ajmer Sharif. With the images poping up instantly, the one taken in dark caught my attention and a picture was etched in my mind. I knew I am visiting this place.

I, being an avid traveler, behold a very rich place for history and architecture embezzled with a touch of literature in my heart. When I read about this place, the quote by Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan caught my eye and I was bowled over by the simple wisdom it dripped. Visiting such a great soul’s abode had to give me the peace of mind I was so desperately seeking.

I set off with my backpack and camera the following weekend. A train from Mumbai to Ajmer and from there on a simple bus ride from Ajmer station took me to the Dargah Shariff. The first look, a beautiful monument amidst mountains with its reflection falling over a lake took my breath away. Situated at the foot of Taragarh Hill, the Dargah was a massive white embodiment. This place, an jewel amongst all the other places worth visiting in Ajmer, Rajasthan, is one of the holy places of muslims in India.

Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti, the “Khawaja Saheb” or the living spirit as he is reverentially called attracts not only the muslims as the place ought to be but the people of all faiths and religion. I could see people from all faiths and creed here the moment I started walking towards the Dargah. The dargah’s main attraction was a mausolem harboring the Khawaja Saheb’s tomb. As I entered it, as the convention goes, I had to cover my head with a scarf , kneel down and pray. I did so. Sitting there quietly, I just looked around and noticed that there are a lot of people around. When I entered the place, the only thing I had noticed was the tomb covered in its various decorations and the quiet. I was surprised at the silence the sacred place commanded out of people and I knew instantly why this place is so special in so many hearts out there.

While coming out, I noticed the mighty Buland Darwaja, which should have attracted my attention on the way in but the curiosity to visit the tomb overtook the observer in me. The entire dargah has many other attractions like exquisite courtyards and other architecture predominantly shouting Moghuls everywhere. The rich and intricate designs speak volumes of the 750 year old legacy. Emperor Akbar was the first Moghul to visit the dargah and thereafter came the husge and spacious Akbari Masjid.

After a day, roaming about the dargah exclusively, drinking all the sweetness of the past and the ever present sanctity of the place, I was done with Ajmer Sharif. I knew I would be coming back to this place for its sheer magnificence and simplicity.

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