Agua Azul waterfall: A wet ‘n’ wild trip in Mexico

North America | | December 1, 2010 at 1:43 am


Formally known as the Cataratas de Agua Azul meaning the ‘Blue-water Falls’, Agua Azul is a lengthy array of shimmering cascades flowing over many kilometers of verdant valleys. Nestled in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountains, these spectacular falls are accessible from Palenque within 69 kilometers via the route that goes in the direction of San Cristóbal de las Casas. The powerful, glittering cascades, clearly profound pools, and white water rich with minerals rush via the roasting forest with the turquoise appearance against a deep green setting of the forest. This is mainly why the Agua Azul falls are perhaps among the most dramatic natural sights in the Mexico City.

Tourists here usually prefer going for lean dipping near the clean white waters. The beautiful Agua Azul is known for its several cataracts perched one after the other of which the larger ones are 20 feet high or so. Overall, the falls are just mind-blowing to spend time with, but they are also treacherous at some points. I was made aware of this fact when I arrived here and saw a nearby sign about the warning of the dangers. This was further supported by the commemorative crosses along the banks for the ones who drowned in this Perilous Splendor.

As I was in the van taking many tourists to the river, I found someone for a friendly chat who was called Rosy from Buenos Aires vacationing for some days. On our arrival, the driver uttered firm catchphrases related to the caution while deciding for a site to swim. Then, we noticed the signs pinned to the trees, halted for some seconds, and read the crosses of the drowned ones. Until now, I had only heard about the shimmering falls and the beautiful cascades, the warnings of danger as well as the memorials were a kind of serious awakening. After this, I, Rosy, and some more riders including Regina and John from France moved forward on the way along the edge of the river that is known for white water rafting – the secret adventure of Mexico.

Dotting the Agua Azul is the hot jungle soaked in the sounds of singing birds and other wildlife. This was one of the dissonances about which we were just ushered to speak up. On our way, we could also see some traces of civilization in form of some single dwellings in the lavish vegetation. After this, we halted for having a cool dip in a scenic and slow-moving zone of the river densely overshadowed by the old and high soaring trees. I could easily make out that this white water is ideal, but not for those swimmers who are faint-hearted. Going ahead against the drifting river, I ascended out and amble back upriver for leaving behind our belongings. After some tome, our group met a few locals who showed us a few preferred swimming spots. We considered ourselves so lucky that we simply followed them via the forest until some kilometers from the van parking site.

It goes without saying that we also had three guides with us who led us to the site where we dived into white water torrents and ran downriver until a serene and not so deep pool was seen. John and Regina thought this place to be somewhat risky and so did not come with us. However, I and two more youngsters were the risk takers to swim until the rocks in the center of the river. Following our guides, we took the plunge and closed my eyes. As I opened them, all was a sightless white color and rushing bubbles making me to hear an incredible thunder. I just cannot describe this experience as it is somewhat beyond exhilaration.

Returning from Agua Azul, we chose the route to Palenque on which we halted at Misol-Ha, 35 m high waterfall. The impressively far-reaching water reaches calm and profound pool nestled at the bottom of cliffs lush with foliage. As not much crowd was seen here, we were very happy to soak in the stillness of the amazing cascade. As the refreshing swim at Agua Azul already had made us calm and cool, here we only took pleasure in the charm and passive verdant surroundings adorned by the rainbows and misty air. At the rear of the falls, we also visited an open cave by walking a footpath here from the falls.

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