A Trip to the Dream World, Bangkok

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The Dream World is often described as the local Disneyland of Thailand. If you are in Bangkok with your family, you cannot afford to miss a visit to this theme park. This Bangkok based theme park has several sections, named and built creatively for instance: the Dream Garden, the Fantasy Land, the Adventure Land etc. The primary attractions of the Dream World are the haunted mansion, the bumper cars, the Viking boat and the roller coasters. All these surprises are present in the Adventure Land of Dream World, Bangkok. During a visit to the theme park’s Fantasy Land, the kids will get the opportunity of climbing up the beanstalk for reaching the giant’s house. Children will also get to spend some fun time inside the castle of Sleeping Beauty or in the pumpkin carriage of Cinderella. There’s also the pond, where you will see the frog turning into prince.

Dream World Bangkok

The Adventure Land can be traveled on a monorail. You can also opt check your driving skills by taking part in the Go-Karting competition along with your friends and family members. There’s another section in the Dream Land, particularly popular among the little ones known as the Snow Land. The Snow Land boasts of a huge snow field; you will get to enjoy rides on a sleigh, understand the specialties of an igloo and make snowman on your own while spending time in the snow field. Every day the theme park organizes a parade for the kids; the parade allows the little ones to meet their most loved cartoon characters.

Viking boat at Dream World Roller coasters at Dream World Giant house at Dream World

You must be amazed by the wide range of fun options available in this theme park. The park stays open from 10am to 5 pm every day; and on holidays the gates of the park stay open till 7pm in the evening. The entry cost per head is THB (the currency of Thailand) 1,000.

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