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Planning for a trip and feel that no pickpocketer can rob you? Hey dude, then do think once more on that as your over confidence might really kill you. Did you know that in a big or chief city, over 150 folks have to face the effects of pickpocketing on a day? I have experienced this fleecing more than three times until now and it is just indescribable as to how that moment was for me. But as they say, each event that happens teaches one a lesson and so is the case with me. I tried to analyze the situations along with my other friends who too had some similar experiences of being robbed and have come up with a few most happening scenarios wherein just a vigilant eye can twist the game of pickpocketers. So, here are those scenarios that I have experienced and have come up with a good solution to save one’s wealth.

Purse grabbing

This is the most common way for the pickpocketers. So, as soon as you have somebody in front of you, just look for the eye contact. If she or he is planning to take away your purse, watch for the eyes that will always be locked on it right from the moment of chatting. Never ever stuck your eyes on his face or upper body as you might lose to watch out for the action of his or her hands. Despite this look and alertness, I would still recommend to leave the purse at home or hotel and to come out with a purse that has a long handle that you can put around your neck to make the purse hang at your waist with your hands covered on it. Snatching such a purse is not easy for thieves. And yes, while being at a restaurant or café, avoid hanging the purse on the chair’s back. Lastly, separate money from the ID cards and keys so that if the purse goes away, you still can follow up for the loss and crime with the help of a police.

Back pocket robbing

By this, I mean snatching your wallet from the pant’s back pockets. The most common way to do so is to offer you some help in an unexpected condition caused by the thief himself. Herein, the thief will purposely pour some liquid on your back pant or shirt and will then approach you telling to clean the stain. And till the time he leaves, your money has also gone with him. And you still thank him! Back pocket is the best place for the thieves to rob and so just do not keep anything there.

Front pocket of your pants

Robbing can also take place here, but its chances are quite rare. Those who know how to rob this area will normally distract you by arcing his hand that goes in the air. It is said that our eye cannot perceive an arching object with 100% clarity as in the case of a straight moving object. And so in no seconds, the front pocket will be empty for your shocks. But nevertheless, the front pocket is still the best option as not all have this art of robbing the front pocket. Even better is to go for the Dunhill’s ‘virtually indestructible’ wallet that opens only when a finger is recognized by a digital reader. It comes for $825 that is seriously nothing for a life time safety.

Backpack stealing

This is mostly done by distracting your attention. In most of the cases, the thief will often approach you as a helper, guide, or a tourist often asking for help or giving you some direction to reach a particular location. For a cheat, it is very easy to access, open, and take away anything from your backpack as you stroll with that fraud. To see some videos of this technique, log on to www.bobarno.com and you get to know all about it. The best solution to deal with this one is to divide the money for keeping in different places of which the best is the front pocket whose pickability is the lowest.

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