A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland-Part III

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holland 2005 windmills in kinderdijk near rotterdamHaarlem is situated nearly 20kms west of Amsterdam on the river Spaarne. The City Hall is the hub of the city’s administration. The market that faces the City Hall springs to life on Saturdays and Mondays making it quite an endearing sight.

Many of the 14th century Almhouses in Harlem with their period architectural design have made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Listing. No visit is complete without looking at the magnificent windmills from up close. The De Adriaan is a well-designed windmill with a small museum close by for some interesting viewing. The well-maintained 1749 built, nineteen windmills of Kinderdijk have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

de adriaanHague is the abode of over 150 global authorized organisations with a multi-cultural population residing there. The city is best explored by tram or bus service. Hague is a historically significant place with prime attractions like the Noordeinde Palace that has the offices of the Queen, the Lange VoorHout Palace where several exhibitions take place or the transformed 17th century Mauritshuis museum that showcases the works of famed Dutch artists like Rembrant, Vermeer amongst others.

The Gemeente museum Den Haag or the municipal museum has an exhaustive assortment of modern art dating to 19-20th century, evolving and landmark fashion items, music library, ceramics and lot more. The Bredius Den Haag Musem was named after Bredius who was an avid Rembrandt arts collector, has his 17th century huge collection that came under the municipality after his death.

The Hague Historic Museum situated in the centre of Hague close to Binnenhof, has been utilized as a hotel, court home and its museum has collections spanning farther than seven centuries.

100515_lThe Madurodam has endearing sights of more than 700 mini scaled down versions of prominent Dutch attractions frequented by millions of sightseers. The pristine sandy beach of Scheveningen is ideal for some surfing expedition. Hague has incredible shopping options making it quite a wonderful experience.

Utrecht has the most splendid 12th century waterways that are still used. The Dom’s Tower is the location where the city was originally set up. One can enjoy exhilarating views of the quaint St.John’s Cathedral, Utrecht hills and Amsterdam Arena atop the Dom Tower.

The fine landscape of the Zocher Park along with five other parks and the unique design of the Rietveld Schroder-Huis have made it into the UNESCO World Heritage Listing.

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