A Glimpse Into Immaculate Holland – Part II

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Rotterdam, situated on the majestic Mass River has a significant number of architectural structures that date back to the pre-war era. The characteristic Piet Blom’s cubic houses near the Blaak station are famed for their unique, uncanny shape. Art aficionados will definitely enjoy the works of art spanning back to the Middle Ages found at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum.

59489832 4f8499643cThe Euromast, the tallest observation tower in Netherlands proffers splendid views as one feels a tumble inside as it spins into course touching heights of 185 metres high. For dare-devils, a 100m point also called the rope slide is a point where you can plummet to the ground in 15 flat seconds.

The wide-spanning Kunsthal museum of both contemporary and older art is a fascinating building that houses mind boggling collections in its annual 25 exhibitions. The Gothic styled Laurens Kerk located in central Rotterdam is amongst the limited number of structures that have braved the ravages of the World War II bombings, has undergone several renovations till date.

The Maritime Museum located at Leuvehaven depicts the rich past of the city and the maritime with an entire floor set aside for children. The De Buffel has a well maintained 1868 warship replete with copious settings. The quaint area of Delfshaven has numerous cafes, eateries, primitive warehouses and the beer reveller’s favoured haunt, De Pelgrim, the oldest brewery in Rotterdam.

Children  will find the Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo quite amusing with its astonishing Oceanium where one see sharks, sting rays, turtles amongst many others swimming over one’s head as one ventures through the massive tunnel way. One can explore the shopping havens like the Koopgoot and De Lijnbaan, zoosample the multi-speciality gastronomic delights in the World Market located in the Entrepot Building on Kop van Zuid or try one’s luck at the casinos.

Maastricht, the city full of cafes, churches and momentous structures is situated 215kms from Amsterdam. The main square of the city, the Vrijthof is encircled by eateries, cafes and the picturesque churches of Sint-Servaas and Sint-Jans. The Market Square with its fresh produce and the 17th century Town Hall are must visit sights. The old-world atmosphere at the Thorn village is situated north of Maastricht and 13kms towards east of Maastricht, is the amiable Valkenburg town with attractions like health spa, casino and a wrecked citadel.

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