A Brief Guide to Naples, Italy

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Naples encloses a mess of historical buildings that are listed in UNESCO as heritage sites. The cloisters in Naples are filled with citrus trees and the streets are rather electrifying. Naples, which was once the prime center for the Roman Empire is now a den of narrow lanes all of which leads to the 18th century old promenade used by royals by the seaside that gives you the romantic sight of Vesuvius.

Once you are in Naples the intriguing masonry work that will catch your attention is catacombs. The most famous of all the catacombs is Catacombe di San Gennaro that dates back to 2nd century and is embellished with Christian frescos and contains within it tombs, vestibules and corridors. Tourists need to know the real market picture of Naples that is way different from the placid shopping malls of modern world. The Mercato di Porta Nolana is the busy street market of Naples where fishmongers and grocery sellers jostle daily and bakeries, deli and cigarette stalls are found at every step.

The Greek-Roman artifacts are showcased at Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which will include the treasure of Pompeii. Art buffs can find the place as a treasure trove.


Tourists at Naples, no matter where they belong, will have the wish to devour on pizzas, which is a delicacy of the place. Da Michele is the famous pizzeria service two different varieties of pizzas: margharita pizza topped with mozzarella, basil and tomatoes and marinara topped by garlic, oregano and tomatoes. All those foreigners to Italy, who have munched on pizzas in their native places, thinking that it is the most authentic taste, will know the difference once they take a morsel in Da Michele. You can graze on at the cheese bar of La Stanza del Gusto restaurant and can taste most unique fusion dishes like liver of chicken with strawberry salsa.

Staying in Naples can be reserved even after landing on the place as the rooms are pretty much available all the year round. b&b Diletto a Napoli will offer a vintage cottage including four rooms decorated with traditional and modern Italian portraits.

Getting around

The metro lines in Naples form a mesh all over the city and knowing the city inside out is not an issue when you have a map of metro in Naples.

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