5 Things you’d never thought of Doing at the Curacao Island

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A trip to the Caribbean has always been equated with beaches, water sports and a fascinating amount of history that the place has to offer. But beyond that lies a lot more that you could do; and unfortunately that doesn’t come to the forefront.

Here are some out-of-the-blue options for you to indulge in when you visit the beautiful island of Curacao next time.

About Curacao

The island lies in the Dutch Caribbean and is worth a visit; pretty much like its neighboring island – Aruba. Both these islands fall outside the hurricane belt, so it is possible to plan a vacation without having to worry about the whims and fancies of Mother Nature.

Curacao Island

Lounging on a beach chair is always an option; but if you want to go beyond that, you could plan a trip to the capital of Curacao, Willemstad. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is full of beautifully restored colonial buildings, dating back to the 18th and 19th century. Historic sites, great shopping options and waterfront restaurants – need say more?

  • A Culinary Walk Tour Coupled With a Caribbean Cooking Class –
    If the first thing to run through your head on reading that was ‘yumm’, then maybe you’re in the right place. An excellent and not-so-explored way of exploring the culture that Curacao has to offer is through its food. You have the option of doing a culinary stroll through Willemstad. You could alternatively stop over at the Otrobanda neighborhood for one tall glass of fruit smoothie. A visit to the Floating Market is a must, where you can explore the various options of local fruits and vegetables. You can personally examine the ‘catch of the day’ at the newer Round Market. If your taste buds are up for an adventure, you might want to have lunch with the locals. This happens at the Old Market. Or you could just walk into Angelica’s kitchen and learn how to stir up some of your own food – Curacao style!

Caribbean Cooking Class

  • Herbal Remedies Are Not a Thing of the Past –
    Did you know that aloe vera contains over 75 nutrients? The gel of this plant has been given the nickname – ‘miracle gel’. The juice of this plant is considered to make for a natural nutritional supplement. Did you know any of this? Now you will! You could walk into Dinah Veeris’ at Curacao; and learn about Caribbean herbal treatments. Dinah Veeris propagates around 300 species of medicinal plants in that little botanical garden of hers. Be amazed by the trivia you get when you’re there.
  • Visit Art Galleries and a Museum –
    You could try spending some time at the anthropological museum. Most of the exhibits focus on the culture of Curacao and offer you with a world class chronicle-like tale of the Origin of Man, the African Slave trades, Antillean art, West African Empires and Mesopotamian relics.

Art Galleries and a Museum

  • Get Up Close and Personal With an Ostrich –
    This might be a good one if you’re travelling with the kids. They will love the idea of a photo safari. Take a ride through the farm and it will help the kids learn about different kinds of birds, some of which they’d never even heard of before.  If you’ve brave enough, you could try chomping on an ostrich burger later.

Personal With an Ostrich

  • Tie The Knot –
    There isn’t a dearth of one thing in Curacao – a wedding planner. You’ll find one quite easily at any given point of time across the year. You could plan on getting married here. The Mikve Israel – Emmanuel is one of the oldest synagogues of the Western Hemisphere. With its cobalt-blue windows and candle-lit mahogany interiors, it does make for a beautiful place to exchange vows.
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  1. Christine says:

    I have taken the culinary tour at Curacao. I would recommend two dishes Aruba and Bonaire to all those who love food..a glass Curacao liqueur made of larah fruit would be just an additional treat to your taste buds!!!

  2. Christine says:

    I have taken the culinary tour at Curacao. I would recommend two dishes pastechi and stoba to all those who love food..a glass Curacao liqueur made of larah fruit would be just an additional treat to your taste buds!!!

  3. Ted says:

    ohh!! the curacao islands…even i have been there and what i enjoyed the best was scuba-diving here..the instructors here are the locals and trust they the know sea bed really well…the clear and warm water along with the unseen beauty underneath would leave you wanting for more..

  4. Marshal says:

    The place is just awesome but if you are planning to explore the local markets here,you might want to accompany a tour guide speking in english as majority of people here are papiamentu-speaking..

  5. Rosalie says:

    Being close to the South America the architecture is majorly influenced by the dutch architecture…The colorful buildings along the Willemstad harbor is so picturesque..you may confuse it with the picture from one your childhood fairytale books..

  6. Ken says:

    Hey!! I leave here in Curacao..I m so glad you wrote a post over our island..its a beautiful place..a mustt se according to me would be the sea aquarium beach and to have taste of the culture do watch a show of bulawaya couple dance performed by local artists..

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