5 steps of successful escape from the nastiest travel catastrophes!

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By this very title, I am sure you must be recalling the recent disasters of earthquakes as well as tsunamis in New Zealand’s Christchurch and Japan along with the Brazil’s terrible floods. This itself makes one to conclude that nature is quite erratic and no one can say as to when and how a catastrophe can strike rendering all the emergency arrangements to be at bay. Never ever be over confident to forecast that there will be no disaster while you travel as such occurrences have never been uncommon. But, at the same time, do not allow the fear for these disasters to impede your plan for a dreamy vacation. This is because it is a natural rule that before a problem, it is the solution that takes birth first and it is always left upon the humans to hunt them. So, what you need is some tactics to deal with such situations rather than getting stuck in them. Straight from heart, here are some of ‘my ways’ to tackle with them as even I had experienced the earthquake on my tour in India’s Gujarat state in 2001.

No panic please!

This is the first and foremost step to deal with the moment-seen disaster on the way. As soon as you see or feel something undesirable, panic is best avoided by not thinking negative. Otherwise, panic destroys your power of thinking and you are then definitely at the mercy of the catastrophe. It is said that cool and calm brains can deal with any calamity in this world! God has given such good reacting brains friends, why don’t you make a positive use of it? So, instead of wasting that little time in thinking how you are going to die, think on how you can save not only your life, but the others that surround you. Remember, there might be small children around you and they totally depend upon you for their life. So, go ahead and show your gallant skills!

Think positive!

This is all that works in bad times to convert misfortune into good luck! It is my experience that a single positive thought has the power to change the worst of worst into the better of the good. When the land of Gujarat started to tremble, I was actually at a general store. Upon seeing everybody shaking, I actually started looking for a safe place rather than getting stuck in the fear of death. You won’t believe, but I saw an open ground that was reachable in just 10 seconds and so simply asked all to run in the middle of the road until there. So, think positive to make things end positively.

Be vigilant as well as proactive!

My experience says that most of the places where disasters often strike mostly have ways to warn people about them. At some places, the civil sirens strike; while at others, you might see the calamity from a far off distance indicating that you need to proactively run. The latter is the case of tsunamis! Just listen to the weather forecasts daily even though you are on a holiday. Also, get to know the conditions of the nearby countries. This is necessary to consider as the nuclear radiation of Japan recently has also hit the 800 km away Russia. So, just be observant and be informed. Other proactive activities include inquiring about the disaster plan at your hotel, read about the worst case scenarios that can happen in your area where you are traveling, and get to know the alternative routes of escape.

Be cooperative!

After Japan when tsunami warning was sent to Kaua’I in Hawaii, the people of the tourism board were suppose to evacuate the hotels in just six hours. They gave the message to make the guests reach the higher floors and with this, the property manager of all hotels requested all to do so. During this time, full cooperation is expected from you rather than being stubborn. So, listen fully and above all be self-sufficient by carrying as much as snacks, medicines, sweater, and water. Remember, you might have to stay at a safe place for many hours without any movements.

Be thoughtful!

This is something that cannot only save you but your other friends too! For example, if you know that a disaster is about to strike, do not start calling with a mobile that will actually disallow others to reach their dear ones due to mobile traffic jam. Rather, send simply text messages and use social sites like Facebook. And on the same lines, also avoid sending e-mails.

I hope friends these ways will even aid and protect you. If you all have something more to share, kindly do so in your comments. Remember, disasters occur to make you strong and learn from mistakes, not to weaken your minds and mourn for the dead! After all, it is not in your hand to stop them, but yes; you can at least minimize the effect and save as many lives as possible. It is always beneficial to look at the positive side.

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