3 Fascinating Islands on Planet Earth

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The old maxim holds true: ‘No man is an island’. Even the wise need to know the best islands of the planet because they too could be living on one. A startling statistic puts the number of humans living on islands at 10 out of hundred. If you wish to travel to these marvels of nature make a not of the islands mentioned below.

1. The Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands are relatively unheard of. The island has a rich history. The HMS Bounty witnessed a mutiny. The crew along with a few Tahitian companions made the island their home. The descendants, almost 50 of them, preside over the entire island. The language of the inhabitants is Pitkem, which is a blend of English and Tahitian. Till date, you can view the wreck of HMS Bounty under water.

The islands have become part of a British Overseas Territory. The island is volcanic in nature. It is located 1350 miles southeast of Tahiti and 4100 miles from Panama. The administrative affairs of the island are managed from Auckland, New Zealand.

Pitcairn Island
The Pitcairn Island is 2 miles long and 1 mile wide. The capital is Adamstown, which is located above Bounty Bay. The road that leads to the capital has been named as ‘The Hill of Difficulty’.

2. Bishop Rock

Bishop Rock stands as the world’s smallest island. So, if you have any plans living here, think again. Located off the coast of Britain, Bishop Rock is home to a lighthouse. The lighthouse was constructed in the year 1858. The island has served the purpose of leaving a criminal all marooned.

Bishop Rock island
The lighthouse is built on a rock ledge and is 46 meter long and 16 meter wide. The force of the currents in the Atlantic Ocean makes it difficult to construct a structure like a lighthouse.

The rocks around the Scilly Isles have led to the wreck of many vessels. The Elder Brethren of Trinity House came to a conclusion that the lighting in Scilly Isles, which consisted of a single lighthouse, was inappropriate; and therefore, there was a need to construct an additional lighthouse on Bishop Rock.

3. Dubai

Dubai should not be restricted to mere oil production. Dubai has some of the most exquisite man-made islands. A stay on one of the islands, such as the one shaped liked a palm tree, is expensive, but is worth every penny. Dubai is constantly upgrading with man-made wonders. The ingenuity of the architects is reflected in the structures.

Some view the islands of Dubai as the eighth wonder of the world. These islands are sure to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the traveler. The man-made islands look like nature’s own creation.

dubai palm tree islands
The islands adorn the coastline of Dubai. It has taken years of planning to create these architectural masterpieces. The islands of Dubai fall into two groups: Palm Island Dubai and the Palm Island Jumeirah.

The Palm Tree Island is the first island to be constructed. It is built in the shape of a date palm tree. The Jumeirah island is home to the famous Burj Al Arab, which is a seven-star hotel. The Palm island in Jumeirah consists of upscale accommodations such as hotels, villas and apartments.

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  1. vareeja says:

    The original Bishop Rock lighthouse was begun in 1847, and constructed of iron, but was washed away before it could be completed. The present building was completed in 1858 and was first lit on 1 September of that year.

  2. jeff says:

    the island of dubai has taken years and years to make it a whole/.. the bishop rock house which is made of iron is a very rare see, and its a must watch..

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