24 hours to USA – Mumbai – Amsterdam – Detroit – New York

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Finally, it just stuck me the other day that I have to leave for my next tour to USA. I hardly got any time to even prepare; the days seemed to just fly by! Well, this time around I am even more excited to take my wife along for my next Business Tour to US and even more destinations to explore. Going to USA might not sound a very interesting topic for some of you as most of you guys belong to that country but for me it’s my final business destination.

I am going to take you down my personal trip to USA not just counting on the destinations I will cover, but you will get to read about my experiences. The last time I came here in the year August 2008, I had some beautiful memories meeting beautiful and friendly people here. I will cover my whole trip in 35 days. Right now I have boarded Amsterdam – Detroit flight.

Amsterdam Airport
It would be almost like 24 hours I left my country, India, the climate was quite hot and humid there and as I changed countries I could feel the environment getting colder. I had some best experiences with Delta Airlines; I traveled in for the very first time. I did not even realize, I passed my whole night snoozing of in the luxurious seats. The delta India – Amsterdam flight was a unique experience, passing through various security checks and background checks by the officials here. Although, I do not have any personal angst, its their duty anyways.

24 hours to USA
I am going to cover, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Oklahoma city, Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago. Well, I do not know much about these beautiful cities, but would surely get to know once I reach there. It is shivering cold outside the airplane as I could sense the window glasses, the outside temperature is around -F°54 , but am happy with the officials as the heaters are on inside. But one of the most amazing experiences for today was the early morning Amsterdam Airport, looking at it from high altitude was like WOW, as the glittering yellow lights made it look like twinkling stars on the earth. Seriously, am enjoying my tour already without even getting down at any special destination.

Now there was some very interesting episode happened at Detroit airport, I was stunned and never expected this to happen. By now, I am too tired would tell you tomorrow in my next article.


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