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  • The Baffin Island: The Ideal Time to Visit the Island
    The Baffin Island: The Ideal Time to Visit the Island
    Baffin Island is not only the largest island of Canadian Arctic Archipelago, but also the 5th largest island of this world. It is located in Nunavut, a Canadian province. This Canadian island with native population of around 11,000 is visited by a large number of tourists every year. As this island is located in Arctic Circle, it experiences the northerly winds almost throughout the year.  Due to this reason the temperature of this island stays severely low for   most part of a year. The island also stays surrounded by sea ice for major part of a year. During the month of April, the average temperature of the southern part of the Baffin Island stays between -5 to -15degrees Fahrenheit. During this part of the year, the central region of the island stays even cooler; there, the temperature during the month of April ranged between  [...]
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  • The Chessington World of Adventures
    The Chessington World of Adventures
    Chessington World of Adventures is one of the most popular theme parks of Britain; this southwest London based theme bark also houses a zoo. The exact location of Chessington World of Adventures is 12 miles to the south of the Central London. In the year 1931, this place was originally opened as a zoo, the Chessington Zoo; the formation of the theme park occurred much later in the year 1987. Below we have discussed about some of the most celebrated segments of this theme park: The Chessington Zoo: As mentioned earlier, this is the oldest region of this theme park. The zoo is again segmented into two halves, the Sea Lion Bay and the Trails of the Kings. In these two sections you will get a chance of meeting animals like binturongs, lions, tigers, gorillas, mara, meerkats, rhea, capybaras, different species of reptiles etc. The  [...]
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  • Leidseplein: The Place Housing the Best Nightlife of Amsterdam
    Leidseplein: The Place Housing the Best Nightlife of Amsterdam
    Leidseplein is name of a square situated at central Amsterdam, Netherlands.  The square is located exactly on the southwest of Amsterdam’s central district. This square is primarily famous for hosting the city’s extraordinary nightlife. If you come to Amsterdam and are interested in experiencing the city’s nightlife, you should never wonder here and there; just take a cab and come to Leidseplein. Leidseplein houses some of the country’s best clubs. The square of Leidseplein was originally used by the farmers as their wagon parking lots. They used to leave the wagons in this area before entering Amsterdam. Currently, due the fame of Leidseplein’s nightlife, the surrounding area of the square has a number of hotels, out of which some are the best of Amsterdam. Leidseplein is also located near another famous square of the  [...]
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  • When to Visit the Island of Taiwan?
    When to Visit the Island of Taiwan?
    Taiwan, the East Asian Island located on the western part of the Pacific Ocean is an extremely popular tourist destination. In this article, we’ll inform you about the right time of visiting this wonderful Asian island. You will often hear people saying that you can visit Taiwan whenever you want. However, the truth is that you must consider the month i.e. the time of the year you are visiting Taiwan before planning a trip to the island. Generally, the time between September and November is thought to be the best time of visiting Taiwan; during this time the island gets its autumn. The weather stays dry and warm; moreover, air pollution stays at its minimum. The other reason of visiting the place during these months is that the costs of accommodation and other necessities stay significantly low during this time. The spring months  [...]
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  • Things to Do in Senegal
    Things to Do in Senegal
    Senegal, a country officially referred to as the Republic of Senegal is a country located on the western part of Africa. Although the country is primarily known for producing a great football team and some of the finest footballers of Africa, in recent years Senegal is also emerging as a popular tourist destination. Dakar, Senegal’s capital is the place hosting the maximum annual tourist population in the country. People, who have a limited budget for their vacations, find this place extremely alluring. The largest share of the population of Dakar lives around the city’s edge; this makes the city an ideal place for exploring on foot; you will rarely need to spend money for bus and cab fares to roam around the city of Dakar. Besides that, the accommodation cost is also not high; Dakar houses numerous cheap hotels offering high  [...]
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  • The White Horse Temple of China
    The White Horse Temple of China
    The White Horse Temple is regarded as the oldest ancient temple in China. The entire area of the temple is covered by green tree, which are believed to be as old as the temple. The greenery surrounding this Chinese temple offers the area extreme tranquility and solemnity. Just outside the temple’s gate, there’s a pool surrounded by fences. The water of the pool has fishes of different varieties, jumping and playing around the water and entertaining the visitors coming to the white Horse Temple. The current building of the temple is a rectangular structure facing the south. The basic architecture of the White Horse Temple is influenced by ancient styles and is kept intact for more than 1900 years. The architectural features and the interiors of this temple is significantly influenced by the features of Indian temples. Although  [...]
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  • The Casa de la Independencia Museum, Paraguay
    The Casa de la Independencia Museum, Paraguay
    The capital city of Paraguay, Asunción houses one of the country’s most exciting tourist destinations, the Casa de la Independencia Museum. The museum was opened for public viewing on the 14th of May, 1965. The museum is adorned by a number of segments and rooms, each of which boasts the touch of Spanish elegance. Here, we are discussing the most prominent rooms of the Casa de la Independencia Museum. The Office Room: This place is probably the biggest witness of the fight the Paraguayans took part in to earn independence. All the important documents related to the action taken by the freedom fighters are preserved in this room. Majority of these documents have signatures of the patriots of Paraguayan independence. There are also painting related to the independence of the country. Dining Room: The interior of this room has  [...]
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  • A Day out at the Sea World, Orlando
    A Day out at the Sea World, Orlando
    The Sea World located in Orlando, Florida is the most renowned marine-life park of the world. You will get the chance of educating yourself about marine species besides being entertained immensely during your visit to this theme park of Orlando. You can feed dolphins along with all your family members, pet stingrays and interact with many other marine species while in the Sea World. Recently, some new shows are added to the daily schedule of this Orlando based theme park. Watching these shows will educate you about the marine animals that have inhabited this place. Other than these 5 shows, the management also introduced a series of fresh additions to the program schedule of this theme park. You can take a ride on a water coaster known as the ‘journey to Atlantis’. The theme of this ride is the lost city, Atlantis. You can  [...]
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  • The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
    The Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
    Masai Mara National Reserve is situated in the southwestern part of Kenya near Tanzania’s border.  This wildlife reserve is located on Rift Valley and has the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania running along the southern end. The River Mara on the other hand runs through the Masai Mara National Reserve. This river is home to a large number of hippopotamuses, crocodiles and also plays host to a wide variety of yearly migrations. Thousands of zebras and wildebeests flocks hear every year from different corners of Africa. What are the things you can do while at the Masai Mara National Reserve? If offers plenty of options to the tourists as far as recreation is concerned. The four most pleasurable options are: The game drives: If you have come to this wildlife reserve on air, then this option will surely be included in the safari package  [...]
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  • Overview of the Cincinnati Police Museum
    Overview of the Cincinnati Police Museum
    If you are in Ohio, USA, then the Cincinnati Police Museum is must visit for you; this is more evident for people with an adventurous nature. Cincinnati Police Museum includes a display of an exciting collection of murder weapons. This collection was donated to the museum by a famous defense attorney of this region, Late William Hopkins. As you will walk around the museum, the guide will offer you more information about this collection of murder weapons. According to the guides of the Cincinnati Police museum, tall these weapons belonged to the murderers defended by William Hopkins.  However, the guides will not be able to explain how the attorney managed to keep those weapons. What are the kinds of weapons present in the collection? You will find weapons of every form depicting the kind of murder cases defended by William Hopkins.  [...]
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