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  • Konark Sun Temple: A Famous Tourist Destination of Orissa
    Konark Sun Temple: A Famous Tourist Destination of Orissa
    Have you ever been to Orissa, an eastern state of India? If yes, then you must have visited Konark, the most famous tourist destination of the state of Orissa. If not, then this article will surely encourage you to plan your next vacation in Orissa and in it two days will definitely be dedicated to Konark. Why Konark is a must visit for people coming to this part of the world? Konark houses the colossal sun temple; during the ancient times the natives of this place used to worship Sun God in this temple. The Konark Sun Temple boasts an extraordinary architecture. The temple is situated at the shoreline of Orissa, which is around 3 km away from sea. The temple is designed based on the structure of the huge chariot of Sun God or ‘Arka’ and is decorated using stone carvings. The chariot runs on 12 pairs of wheels and is drawn by  [...]
    Posted at June 6th, 2011 at 12:06 am
  • Ajmer Sharif
    Ajmer Sharif
    “Ajmer Sharif” – The place rung a faint familiarity in my mind when I heard it for the first time. A much awaited vacation was in tow and I knew that I have to hunt down for off beat places to visit and unwind from my cluttered schedule. The next thing I found my self doing was doing a google search for Ajmer Sharif. With the images poping up instantly, the one taken in dark caught my attention and a picture was etched in my mind. I knew I am visiting this place. I, being an avid traveler, behold a very rich place for history and architecture embezzled with a touch of literature in my heart. When I read about this place, the quote by Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan caught my eye and I was bowled over by the simple wisdom it dripped. Visiting such a great soul’s abode had to give me the peace of mind I was so desperately seeking. I  [...]
    Posted at June 2nd, 2011 at 12:06 am
  • The Must Visits of Antigua
    The Must Visits of Antigua
    Antigua is one of the West Indian islands boasting maximum tourist population. It is the primary island of the nation Antigua & Barbuda. Antigua is rated among the top tourist destinations in this part of the world due to the wide array of sightseeing opportunities present in this island. Here we will be discussing the must visits of Antigua. Botanical Gardens: Botanical gardens of St. John, Antigua is a must visit for you if you love nature. Here you will be introduced to varied species of topical plants; you will also get to see unusual flowers and some of the native wildlife of this part of the world. Surrounding the Botanical Gardens is the exotic island beaches covered with powder-fine sands. During the late 90s, the gardens were destroyed by a hurricane; however, the speedy restoration carried out by the Botanical Gardens’  [...]
    Posted at June 1st, 2011 at 12:06 am