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  • Tips for traveling with pets
    Tips for traveling with pets
    My best friend living in Missouri has missed a lot of opportunity to go for tours and the reason being his pet Chizo. A golden retriever who is his constant companion and in any case he is not ready to leave him in crèche and leave for a trip. This is not just the case with my friend and many more Americans face the same obligation to leave the dearest family member at home a go for a fun trip abroad. When the best friend of a man cannot accompany him in any tour, the man finds it extremely tough to be happy in the trip. The first tip to take your pet along are to acclimate it in the weather, where you will move. For that it is good to take your pet for walk and keeping it fit always, any experts offer a piece of advice which has helped million where it is said to take pets for multiple short tours first and then once it gets the  [...]
    Posted at May 13th, 2011 at 01:05 am
  • Tips on camping
    Tips on camping
    The camping techniques makes the whole idea of travel great and in most cases camping turns out to be the soul of the journey especially when you are going for an adventure trip in the wild life reserve. However, the camping technique has a lot o effect on making the trip good or bad.  In many cases wrong camping can bungle the whole journey experience in a minute. Traditionally, camping was thought to be an activity exclusively for the summer season. But now with the advance tentage equipments companies ahs become an all the year round activity. Campers always look out for the weather to decide the camping timing and despite all the measures of timing taken there can be time when weather can become gruesome enough without any prior notice. Hence, weather conditions are the first in the list of camping advice. Now bad weather can  [...]
    Posted at May 12th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • Around the world in Search of Chocolate – II
    Around the world in Search of Chocolate – II
    The love for chocolates has never receded despite new and better candies making a niche in the market of sweets. The long legacy of chocolates cannot be described within a single post and I had to come up with new post for the discovery of hot chocolate spots around the world. In my last post I have been telling a lot about the Ghana, Belgium and Venezuela and how they have made a sweet history with chocolates. In this post t I will take you to other nations of the world and cities also which are famous for giving new edge to the mouth watering sweet one can ever taste- chocolate. Southern Belize was discovered the pod years ago which had the seeds of cacao and today cacao growers in Belize have made anew brand in chocolate with Green & Black’s chocolate. The Maya God bars of this brand of chocolate are based o the ancient  [...]
    Posted at May 11th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • Around the world in search of chocolates – I
    Around the world in search of chocolates – I
    The chocolate lovers cannot quench their lust of having chocolate and a gourmet for chocolate will like to taste different form of chocolates. If you are a real chocolate freak then you may embark on a choco journey to entice your taste buds with exotic flavors of chocolates in different countries. You may happen to land up for your business purpose at these places, which are famous for its chocolate recipes. You may miss out these delicacies in the humdrum if your business trip and hence just have a look at the list of chocolate spots. The love of chocolate is noteworthy among the Belgians and they treat chocolate at equal stature of beer. Belgium is not just known for making it, the Belgians have developed quaint recipes and have innovated new flavors of chocolate. Especially the people of Flanders have gained prominence as famous  [...]
    Posted at May 10th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • A Brief Guide to Naples, Italy
    A Brief Guide to Naples, Italy
    Naples encloses a mess of historical buildings that are listed in UNESCO as heritage sites. The cloisters in Naples are filled with citrus trees and the streets are rather electrifying. Naples, which was once the prime center for the Roman Empire is now a den of narrow lanes all of which leads to the 18th century old promenade used by royals by the seaside that gives you the romantic sight of Vesuvius. Once you are in Naples the intriguing masonry work that will catch your attention is catacombs. The most famous of all the catacombs is Catacombe di San Gennaro that dates back to 2nd century and is embellished with Christian frescos and contains within it tombs, vestibules and corridors. Tourists need to know the real market picture of Naples that is way different from the placid shopping malls of modern world. The Mercato di Porta  [...]
    Posted at May 9th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • My Royal tour to London part I
    My Royal tour to London part I
    I started my travel to London to refresh my mood after spending a year as hermitage. My job gave me the opportunity to work from home sand I took the privilege for almost a year long until I found it stodgy. I set my plans to visit London and come back home with the experience of a life time. Early in the morning I landed in the Heathrow Airport and set for collecting my baggage from the tire. While waiting for my luggage I was just wondering the places that I have planned to see when I realized that I am standing in a popular place right at this moment and should look around once. Heathrow Airport never sleeps like the rest of the major airports in the world but is popular for the passengers it serves and the worldwide destinations it serves. As far as my eyes were going I found the airport as a conglomeration of different races  [...]
    Posted at May 6th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • Tips to acclimate in China tour
    Tips to acclimate in China tour
    The forbidden land of China can be a good place for visiting for the tourists and they find the mysteries of the land slowly unfold before them as they move around the city roads and narrow avenues. But when you are going to China from a foreign land it is possible that the completely different language and culture of the place can throw you into major troubles. The most important is the difference climate that often makes foreign tourists sick. Some of the useful tips can help to surpass the health problems that arise out of climatic difference. When a trouble comes out of climate, then you cannot change the source of the problem. It is nature and its rules that you have to abide by. The only tool to combat this nuisance of nature is knowledge about the climate of China, which can help you to set the right time of your journey.  [...]
    Posted at May 5th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • My odyssey to Japan
    My odyssey to Japan
    The time was October 2007 and the wind was really chilling in Fukuoka airport, for an Indian like me. It was not hard to distinguish me out of the rest as I was the only mutant with dusky skin color and eyes, a littler bigger than the rest of the passengers. I went to Japan to visit an old friend of mine who lives in Shimonoseki, at the southern part of Honshu Island. As a first trip abroad I was thrilled to the hilt and refused to blink in the fear of losing some of the magnificent scenes of the dreamland. Usually when people go for a trip to a foreign land they prefer staying at a place where foreigners folk, and preferably it is a city. But I went to meet a friend of mine who was staying in the countryside. Hence my temporary adobe was countryside in Japan. Upon landing at the airport I met my friend, who adhered strictly to  [...]
    Posted at May 4th, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • Whitehaven Beach: Queensland’s cleanest one
    Whitehaven Beach: Queensland’s cleanest one
    Not only the pride of Whitsunday island where it resides, but also the crown of Queensland; the Whitehaven beach has grabbed two awards until now – Cleanest beach in Queensland by state awards in 2009 and world’s best eco-friendly beach by CNN in 2010. These are not the only awards won by this beach; there are some more to its honor. However, but these two very awards unveil the main reasons as to why each tourist must take a tour of this Whitehaven beach. The pure cool atmosphere and its clear dunes are among the top draws, which are well maintained by prohibiting cigarette smoking and dogs here. It goes without saying that the Whitehaven beach is among the most visited sites in Queensland. Its crystal blue waters as well as clean stretch of silica sand over 7 km along the coast makes the beach not only the largest of its kind  [...]
    Posted at May 3rd, 2011 at 12:05 am
  • Intercontinental Hong Kong
    Intercontinental Hong Kong
    An urban resort but still a chic hotel and a retreat for the vacationers but a fortunate urban refuge for the business travelers, the Intercontinental Hong Kong hotel is acclaimed worldwide as among the best hotels for leisure and business on the planet. With the major enhancements, it has become the most stylish hotel on this island; while with its uniquely convenient harbor location, it has become the most preferred hotel for enjoying the matchless vistas of the island as well as of the Victoria Harbor. This Asia-Pacific flagship hotel in Kowloon is also admired for its unequaled facilities as well as services. Ideally nestled in the core of the shopping, entertainment, and business area of Tsim Sha Tsui and on the rim of the harbor, Intercontinental Hong Kong is very close to the Hong Kong Space Museum, Cultural Centre, Museum  [...]
    Posted at May 2nd, 2011 at 12:05 am