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  • Lake Malawi: Paradise for aquatic holiday in Africa
    Lake Malawi: Paradise for aquatic holiday in Africa
    Also known as Lake Nyasa, Lake Malawi refers to the Great Lake in the East Africa’s Great Rift Valley. Regarded as the third largest and second deepest in the nation and eighth largest on the planet, this lake is located in between Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania. Occupying more than 33% of the landlocked Malawi, this shimmering fresh water lake is just perfect for snorkeling, diving, and swimming to spot its rich marine life pulling an increasing amount of tourists every year. One of the most fascinating reasons as to why backpackers come here to snorkel is the fact that this lake is the home to the maximum fish species not to be seen in any water body on the planet. What is even more fascinating is the fact that you can spot the occasional Mbuna (rockfish) known for its odd behavior as well as unusual coloring. Further, its  [...]
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  • Rio Lagartos: Natural paradise in Mexico
    Rio Lagartos: Natural paradise in Mexico
    Accessible within 1.5 hours from Chichen Itza and 2.5 hours from Merida, Rio Lagartos is one of the most adored tourist destinations where serenity and adventure stay together. The name ‘Rio Lagartos’ comes from a small amount of crocodiles here, which means the Alligator River. But this is somewhat contrasting to the fact that the Yucatan peninsula does not boast any true rivers on the land. In fact, it only holds ‘rias’ that refer to the openings into the shore from the ocean resulting into canals lined by a plenty of aquatic mangroves. Don’t you think that it will be a unique experience to explore such a geographic arrangement? Further regarded among the vital wetlands, Rio Lagartos is a scenic fishing hamlet holding vividly painted homes of cement and wood. The village is the home of the most scenic and largest flamingo  [...]
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  • Yosemite falls: North America’s highest waterfall
    Yosemite falls: North America’s highest waterfall
    Nestled in the Yosemite National Park of California’s Sierra Nevada, Yosemite falls is not only the highest cascade of North America, but also ranks fifth in the list of tallest waterfalls on the planet. It now goes without saying that the Yosemite falls is the major highlight of the park, particularly during the days of late spring and winter when the flow is in plenty. The water cascades down covering 2425 feet from the top. According to the amount of snow fallen at the time of winter, the Yosemite water runs starting from winter until the early summer in August. However, the peak time of the water flow of the Yosemite Falls is spring as the melting snow through the cliffs reaches the valley. Along with the gusting flow if you want to enjoy the scenery, then come here at the time of winter when the cliffs get hidden under the  [...]
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  • Tugela Falls visit via an exciting hiking trip
    Tugela Falls visit via an exciting hiking trip
    Nestled in the Dragon’s Mountains (Drakensberg) of the Royal Nata National Park, the Tugela Falls is just a memorable spectacle that is ranked second in the list of highest waterfalls on the planet. Adorning the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa, the waterfall is split into five free cascades all making for the total drop of 3,110 feet. With this geographical layout, the surrounding scene of green and misty mountains along with the shine of the cascade due to the reflection of the sun in the late afternoon form up a breathtaking vista for the tourists to hike to this great Tugela Falls. One more astonishing feature of these falls is that its source called the Tugela River is nestled many kilometers away from the escarpment, the spot from where the plunge starts. Accessible from the major travel road leading one in the park,  [...]
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  • Raglan Castle: Its Majesty
    Raglan Castle: Its Majesty
    Raglan Castle is a majestic castle comprised of sandstone, belonging to the Tudor dynasty. Defense seems to be a secondary function of the castle. This is in sharp contrast to other castles built in Wales. Raglan Castle was designed keeping in mind wealth and influence. The site that houses Raglan Castle was initially home to a manor. Later William ap Thomas acquired the site when he married in 1406. Thomas was a veteran who served in Agincourt in the year 1415. He received the patronage of Henry VI. He received knighthood in the year 1426. He wished to demonstrate his power and status. Hence, he ordered construction of Raglan Castle. In 1435, construction work began on the Great Tower. It was also called the Yellow Tower of Gwent. Thomas died in the year 1445 and never saw completion of the tower. His son, William, continued the  [...]
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  • Phuket Diving: Be a proud diver!
    Phuket Diving: Be a proud diver!
    Rated as among the top 10 diving destinations on Earth, Phuket is a wonder in itself and so is the Phuket diving. All thanks to the stunning reefs, strange rock formations under water, and vast diversity of marine life all of which together offer some memorable opportunities for the divers who range from novice to experts. There is no doubt that Phuket diving is an outstanding experience in several ways. I am writing this article for those who have never ever dived here, but wish to explore its coral and fish all thriving in the tropical water. The factor that has played a major role in the uniqueness of Phuket is its geographic location – where this Thai great island stands and what flanks it gives a different touch to the ocean as compared to the other tropical destinations that you know about. Tucked as a pearl in the middle  [...]
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  • Agua Azul waterfall: A wet ‘n’ wild trip in Mexico
    Agua Azul waterfall: A wet ‘n’ wild trip in Mexico
    Formally known as the Cataratas de Agua Azul meaning the ‘Blue-water Falls’, Agua Azul is a lengthy array of shimmering cascades flowing over many kilometers of verdant valleys. Nestled in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas Mountains, these spectacular falls are accessible from Palenque within 69 kilometers via the route that goes in the direction of San Cristóbal de las Casas. The powerful, glittering cascades, clearly profound pools, and white water rich with minerals rush via the roasting forest with the turquoise appearance against a deep green setting of the forest. This is mainly why the Agua Azul falls are perhaps among the most dramatic natural sights in the Mexico City. Tourists here usually prefer going for lean dipping near the clean white waters. The beautiful Agua Azul is known for its several cataracts perched one after  [...]
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