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  • Windsor Castle: A must-see London attraction
    Windsor Castle: A must-see London attraction
    Also known as the largest castle on the planet along with the oldest occupied one, the Windsor Castle is certainly the among the formal homes of Her Majesty, The Queen. Having being witnessed 900 British years of history, the Windsor palace encompasses 26 acres of land to hold an imperial palace, dwellings as well as offices of several folks, and a great chapel. The Windsor Castle is flanked by very pretty gardens as well as the scenic countryside. Overall, the Windsor Palace is packed with mesmerizing items, marveling art works, and captivating rooms. The moment you enter via the Windsor castle tour, see to it that you at least spend three hours here. According to the time of your Windsor castle tour, you might have to face long lines for the tickets. So, it is recommended to buy your tickets on the Internet for saving some time. Attractions  [...]
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  • Bulguksa temple: A heritage site on the South Korea map
    Bulguksa temple: A heritage site on the South Korea map
    Factually meaning the Temple of the Buddha Land, the Bulguksa temple is a rebuilt shrine of the Buddhist cult adorning the North Gyeongsang region on the South Korea map. Found in 535 AD by the King Pob-hung, the temple even today preserves its actual Silla structural design making its way to the list of UNESCO Heritage Sites. So, a visit to this one is a must on your South Korea travel. The temple is a genuine work of art that still reveals the facts of the golden time of Silla Buddhist art. Today, it is the head temple of the Korean Buddhism’s Jogye Order. Located at a distance of 4 km from the nearby Seokguram Grotto as per the South Korea map, Bulguksa temple has become one of the top tourist attractions in the nation. However, the real credit goes to its seven National treasures such Blue Cloud Bridge, the historical Seokgatap  [...]
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  • Takht e Soleyman: Persian treasure in Iran
    Takht e Soleyman: Persian treasure in Iran
    Welcome to the site of Persian traditions and grand historic monuments! Literally meaning the Throne of Solomon, Takht-e Soleyman has become one of the best places in Iran for a historic outing. Nestled in the West Azarbaijan of Iran and also known as Takhte Soleiman, the site is an archaeologically fortified region adorning a wide mountain valley located between Hamadan and Urmia. Accessible after driving for 45 km from the town of Takab, Takht e Soleyman is in the UNESCO list as the Heritage Site of the Sassanid rule (224–651 A.D) during the medieval times. As per a folk legend, King Solomon used to detain several monsters in the crate close by, which is 100 m deep. It is also believed that the king had made a pond that is even seen today. When the Muslims invaded Persia, they were of the opinion that all Persian or Zoroastrian  [...]
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  • Forbidden City: China’s royal treasure
    Forbidden City: China’s royal treasure
    If you are in the capital city of Beijing in China, you just cannot afford to miss the Forbidden City tour, a legendary site and the famous tourist highlight. Do not make a mistake of considering it as a historical city, but it is the Chinese imperial palace that has been the dwelling of the kings right from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty acting so since 500 years. Today, the Forbidden City is a compound of around 980 edifices that are intact and reflect great traditional Chinese architecture. This is the only complex in the nation, which holds the highest number of ancient wooden buildings on the planet and is also undoubtedly the UNESCO World Heritage site. The Forbidden City tour of Beijing in China will make you stroll in a rectangular manner as the plan of the complex is in that shape. Regarded as the heart of the walled  [...]
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  • Hampi: A huge open-air museum – II
    Hampi: A huge open-air museum – II
    In the previous article, we saw about the mains structures of Hampi ruins. In this article too, you will be introduced to some more worth visiting structures and temples in Karnataka that are certainly in Hampi. Among the Hampi temple in Karnataka, the Hazara Rama Temple and Pattabhirama Temple are simply exceptional. The former is the king’s private temple with an unbelievable structure decorated with the uncommonly carved outer walls as well as the episodes of Ramayana that adorn the walls of mandapa as strips of comics. One more stunning aspect here is the four polished pillars embellished with the sculpting of religious themes. On the other hand, the latter one is a vast campus for Lord Ram (the hero of Ramayana). The main highlights here are the pillared halls and tall sequential pillars. Nobody can deny that the most beautiful  [...]
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  • Hampi: A huge open-air museum – I
    Hampi: A huge open-air museum – I
    Welcome to the hub of temples in Karnataka! A parish town in the south Indian state of Karnataka, India; Hampi is today the center of attraction for many locals and tourists alike because of its historical monuments scattered vastly along with tranquil places to stay in Hampi. Seems to be less like a town and more like a big open-air sanctuary preserving the religious and historical past, the Hampi ruins here speak about its glory and significance in the olden days. Formerly the capital of the Vijayanagara dynasty from 14th to 16th centuries, Hampi today is very appealing with its bizarre landscapes boasting giant rock-spread hills, intersecting Tungabhadra River, and mammoth stones once used for making giant statues of Hindu deities. Each step of yours here will give you some knowledge on its historic and religious aura. This is  [...]
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  • Palace de Versailles: A royal itinerary
    Palace de Versailles: A royal itinerary
    Welcome to the most thronged monument of France! Also known as the Palace de Versailles or the Versailles Palace, the Chateau de Versailles refers to an imperial chateau that is the pride of the Île-de-France zone. A chateau means a residence for the manor lord with or without fortifications. Accessible within 30 minutes by a car from Paris, Chateau de Versailles is today the major attraction in the architecturally beautiful Paris. The palace is popular for its fountains, amazing gardens, superb Hall of Mirrors, and ultimately the legendary man who erected it, the Sun King Louis X1V. In its early days when it was over as a majestic baroque edifice in 1682 until 1789, the Versailles Palace acted as the main dwelling of the French Kings. This is clear from the fact that a private court of the King was made in his honor. The Palace  [...]
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  • Tirthapuri Hot Springs: A purifying destination
    Tirthapuri Hot Springs: A purifying destination
    The Tirthapuri Hot Springs, the Indian identity on the Tibetan Land, is the tourist destination of natural splendor and religious wonder. Attracting Hindus, Buddhists, and tourists from all around the world, these hot springs are nestled at a distance of 80 km from the legendary Mount Kailash in west Tibet. As per the legend, the Tirthapuri Hot Springs is regarded as the site of concentrated energy and power of the consort of Lord Shiva named Mother Parvati as well as of the Tara and Bajra Barahi, the famous Buddhist goddesses. Besides the dedication to these revered female deities, the pilgrim spot of Tirthapuri is also associated with Padmasambhava who is commonly known as Guru Rinpoche. Interestingly this is the third and last halt for the pilgrims who come here from Mount Kailash followed by Lake Mansarovar. So, we can conclude  [...]
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  • The Hearst Castle: A small world in itself
    The Hearst Castle: A small world in itself
    A time case preserving the lavishness of the early zenith of Hollywood at 250 miles from Los Angeles, the Hearst Castle is a wealthy asset that is undoubtedly converted into a historic monument. It came into focus when Mr. William Randolph Hearst who was known in the domain of newspapers, politics, and film industry got this rich estate from his father, Mr. George Hearst who was a rich miner. Now, we know how the castle got its name. The son then asked the popular architect Julia Morgan to make a residence on the California coast. The architect then ended up by instilling some expensive tastes as well as the finest European art and décor after 18 years making it look like a palace, rather than a home. This is called the Casa Grande, the Hearst Castle that is now the crown of the La Cuesta Encantada, meaning the ‘Enchanted Hill’  [...]
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  • London Dungeon: Where death is near you
    London Dungeon: Where death is near you
    Until now, you must have visited many haunted houses. In these creepy homes, you would have actually made a journey amidst the terrible-looking masked faces as well as skeletons that would appear to you suddenly at any point of time. Some shaking grounds, blinking red lights, murky rooms, and bloodshed – all this might have made you frightened to a considerable extent. But, the real challenge for all those creepy lovers is to explore this London Dungeon at the Tooley Street. This is where historical ghosts will take you on a tour of death. Come here if you are not faint-hearted to experience the horror of the Medieval Age and witness your death in no time via the torture instilled by the live actors, rides, and technical effects. Overall, it is a thrilling voyage that makes you encounter with the different spine chilling scenes  [...]
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