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  • The Natural Wonders of the World
    The Natural Wonders of the World
    William Shakespeare quoted,” One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”, how true was he. Nature has always loved the mankind. It is the mankind which has always tried to play with nature for his needs and convenience. But still the nature beholds a treasure to be explored. These treasures are the natural wonders of the world which are spread all across the universe. Getting bored with my monotonous routine, I and my friends decided to explore the Mother Nature and her wonders. We started our advent with Aurora Borealis or known as Northern Lights. It is really stunning to see that the lights streaks of light flicker across the Northern Hemisphere. No firework display can be more beautiful than this. There is no right time when the light phenomenon starts. But it is said that chances become brighter as one approaches the  [...]
    Posted at October 15th, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • The Most Scary Bridges in the World
    The Most Scary Bridges in the World
    Why we create Bridges? What is their need? Hey what kind of things I am asking you guys? All of us know that Bridges help people commute from one place to another. As we say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. So the bridges are carved out of necessity. But in some parts of the world, this necessity has created such scary bridges that it is very dreadful to look at them forget to take a walk along them. But still many people put their lives on risk and cross them on daily basis. When you will have a look at those bridges or just read about the type of material they are made off, that would be enough to give a running chill through your spine. The bridges which are considered to be scary worldwide are the ropeway bridges, hanging bridges, suspension bridges and sky high vehicular bridges. Many countries boast of having such  [...]
    Posted at October 14th, 2010 at 02:10 am
  • Jewel of Oman – Salalah Tourist Attractions
    Jewel of Oman – Salalah Tourist Attractions
    Salalah, not known to many of us, but is the crown jewel of the desert kingdom Oman. Salalah tourist attractions will take you by surprise; there are beaches, resorts, natural beauty, ancient historic sites and parks and gardens. What else can one think for? It is surely the coolest destination of the desert kingdom. You would be surprised to know that the world famous perfume – Frankincense is also found here. UNESCO has declared Wadi Dawkah – the biggest preserve of Frankincense as the World Heritage Site. Believed to be the preserver of the remains of Prophet Mohammed, the Nabi Ayub’s tomb is a major tourist attraction. When you take a stroll along the tomb your hands would touch the versus of the pious Quran inscribed on the wall and will bring your spiritual side to surface. The most spectacular of all the Salalah tourist  [...]
    Posted at October 13th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • The Tsunami 2004 Facts – An Eye Opener for All
    The Tsunami 2004 Facts – An Eye Opener for All
    Every year we celebrate the New Year with full fervour and gaiety. Everyone was doing the same in Phuket also. But suddenly some bad happened and everything changed for always. This was an earthquake which rocked the Indian Ocean on the New Year’s Eve. The Tsunami – the killer waves had struck the Indian Ocean. It was considered to be the deadliest natural disasters to have struck the Indian Ocean. The countries which were the worst affected were Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand. This ghastly incident took lives of many people, living many dead, many helpless and still many whose whereabouts are still not known. The Phuket Tsunami 2004 facts startled everyone when people came to know that the tsunami waves were as powerful as 23,000 Hiroshima type atomic bombs. Phuket is known to be tourists Paradise. Every year many  [...]
    Posted at October 12th, 2010 at 04:10 am
  • Interesting Islands – Top 4 Contenders
    Interesting Islands – Top 4 Contenders
    There is just something about islands that make them so amazingly intriguing. Whether you’re just at a tropical speck which lies in the midst of a vast ocean or whether it is a hummock that lies in the river of a great city, there is just something about these pieces of land that set them apart as being unique, proud or sometimes even lonely and mysterious. It does take an effort to even get there; even if that effort comes in the form of chartering a private plane or driving across a long bridge. The effort will remind you of having landed in a place that is somewhere different. Here is a list of islands that we can’t get enough of. Usedom in Germany and Poland A.K.A The Singing Island: This island may be anchored to Germany, but it is a coast with very long bridges and this will mean that its eastern end is so far apart from  [...]
    Posted at October 11th, 2010 at 12:10 am
  • The Spectacular Temple caves of Lascaux
    The Spectacular Temple caves of Lascaux
    Known for preserving the Paleolithic cave paintings, the Temple caves of Lascaux were discovered by four boys accidentally on 12 September, 1940 in the Dordgne region of Southwestern France. They are famous for their antiquity, exceptional art work, size and sophistication. Today these caves stand testimony to the fine art of the ice age form. The four French boys were playing when one of them saw a hole in the land. Out of curiosity they dig that area and found the architecturally rich Temple caves of Lascaux. This discovery spread like a wild fire across the country and within days these caves saw people flocking from diverse parts of the country out of curiosity. The news also reached to the archaeologists nearby and they set out on a journey to explore and excavate the site for more findings. The caves were discovered on 12 September  [...]
    Posted at October 8th, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • Goat Island Niagara Falls , New York
    Goat Island Niagara Falls , New York
    No trip to world famous Niagara Falls in U.S.A. is complete without visiting the goat islands. Situated in between Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe falls on the Niagara River, this place is stunningly beautiful. Still uninhabited the Goat Island Niagara Falls is house to woody trees and walking trails. An interesting story of how this island got it name goes like this. John Stedman – a miller, kept a herd of goats on the island. But all the animals died in the terrible winter of 1780, but the island got the name. The potential of Goat Island Niagara Falls, being a prominent tourist attraction was envisioned by Augustus Porter who purchased the island and built a toll bridge to the islands for the tourist. But today here stands another bridge which is known for its magnificent architecture. It was given the name of “One of  [...]
    Posted at October 7th, 2010 at 01:10 am
  • Raring At Rarotonga
    Raring At Rarotonga
    As I spoke to a French naval officer I once met, he said to me “Rarotonga is cool.  It’s almost like Tahiti, only without the French.” Unveiling Rarotonga: Well, he may have been kidding; but in most ways, Rarotonga is said to be a miniature Tahiti. The Cook Islands are said to be an independent country which is associated with New Zealand. Just like Tahiti, it is said to have its independent valleys and peaks which get surrounded by a coastal plain, an azure lagoon and a reef that extends offshore. Let’s not forget the gorgeous beaches that make an integral part of the complete picture here. Aitutaki – The Cousin: Rarotonga has an enchanting sister who goes by the name Aitutaki. She can make up for the Bora Bora when you’re in Cook Islands.  Aitutaki is known to be surrounded by a lagoon that is both shallow and beautiful.  [...]
    Posted at October 6th, 2010 at 03:10 am
  • Haiti Beaches calling You
    Haiti Beaches calling You
    What kind of beach vacation are you looking for? The one which would allow you to relax and chill out or the one which would make you explore the adventurer side of you. I just spotted that Haiti, the amazing Caribbean nation boasts of the world famous Haiti beaches which would make your beach vacation unforgettable. The unspoiled and pristine coastlines are haven. Haiti boasts of beaches ranging from lovely palm lined beaches near the capital to black sand beaches near Jamacel, the beach experience here would be different and one of its own kind. Swim, Snorkel and take a nature walk on the Labadie beach. Famous as one of the world’s finest sandy beaches, this beach will provide you endless opportunities to explore yourself. It is also protected by the coral reefs. The songs, the music, the food, the sea side resorts, and the  [...]
    Posted at October 5th, 2010 at 02:10 am
  • World’s Amazing Top Ten Adventure Destinations
    World’s Amazing Top Ten Adventure Destinations
    Jet off for the thrill of a lifetime with planning to go to the world’s top ten adventure destination in the globe. Adrenaline junkies just pack your bags and be ready to face some real adventure.  The place that tops my list is the amazing Amazon. Some years back the Amazon was the preserve only of intrepid discoverers but no more now. The Manatee Amazon Explorer manned by expert English speaking naturalist guides will take you on a remarkable three decked riverboats for some real adventure. As once progresses, the level goes on increasing making you to either go with the option of spending the nights in the rainforests or going for the take off- boat excursions through the upper areas of the mysterious Amazon river where you will be greeted by endangered black Caiman and manatee weighing more than thousands a pound and measuring  [...]
    Posted at October 4th, 2010 at 02:10 am