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  • Sri Lanka: The Paradise Island
    Sri Lanka: The Paradise Island
    Sri Lanka is a mystic yet small island which has been given a lot of titles to its credit, such as the teardrop of India for its shape, Ceylon, the island of Dharma, Serendib, Pearl of the Orient and officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Location: It is situated in the Indian Ocean to the south of India. It is only 31 km away from the southern coast of India. Greeting in Sri Lanka: Ayubowan is the way of greeting anyone you meet in the paradise world of Sri Lanka. In Sinhalese it means “may you have a long life”. It is a traditional form of greeting in the country. Like in the Japanese culture you bow down to greet one another in the Sri Lankan culture. One bows down their head gently and clasps the palms together in front of the chest in respect. It is a tradition in most of the parts of the country and  [...]
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  • The Caribbean Islands simplified
    The Caribbean Islands simplified
    Your partner wants to lie lazing around on a hammock on his/her perfect trip to the Caribbean; while you want to indulge in a little nightlife fun. How do you round down to that perfect Caribbean island for your need? Read on to know. In this part of a series of write ups to continue, we’ll look at what Caribbean islands suit what need! Best Caribbean Islands For Dining Whether African, Indian, French or Spanish is your choice – there’s much that’s on display when you’re in the Caribbean Islands. Caribbean fine dining might actually surprise you with all its hidden secret places. St. Maarten/St. Martin St. Barts Anguilla Guadeloupe Barbados Best Caribbean Islands For Families Are you planning a trip just with your husband or your wife; or perhaps you want to head out with the kids! We’ll tell you the spots that  [...]
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  • Beaches of Sri Lanka
    Beaches of Sri Lanka
    Old world fishing and sunny Beaches: There are many pristine beaches to be found in Sri Lanka. Negombo is a beautiful fishing town in the north of Colombo in the district of Gampaha. There are plenty of groves of coconut trees lining and filling this town of Negombo. The beaches here are beautiful and there is whole variety of sea food to be tasted. The prawns and the lobsters can be caught in the turquoise blue lagoons. While the herring, mullet, skipjack is brought in by the catamaran and the canoe of the old fishing world. You can watch the famous stilt fisher men in action in Weligama. It is a serene and picturesque bay which is 27km from Galle. This town has a warm and sunny weather most of the time. There is an islet off the shore where lies the dream house of a French Count. This bay with its enchanting beaches lies in the  [...]
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  • Make a Trip to the Harry Potter Theme Park at Orlando, Florida
    Make a Trip to the Harry Potter Theme Park at Orlando, Florida
    It is said that when the idea of a theme park on the lines of Harry Potter was suggested to J.K. Rowling, she said that ‘either we do it right or we don’t do it all’. The team that is today responsible for the Universal Studio’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida; spent many months to convince Rowling that they could pull it off. It was a day of absolute ecstasy for them when Rowling declared that she was ‘happy’ with the way things had shaped up. How Universal Bagged the Deal - The main reason that Universal cited for getting this project was that nobody else would be able to create a more authentic looking park keeping in mind the sets that were designed even for the film. When the ‘muggles’ set out on a journey to conquer the magical world by creating a theme park around the idea, one can be convinced  [...]
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  • The Churches of Paris
    The Churches of Paris
    I love Paris in the spring time I love Paris in the fall I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles ~Frank Sinatra’s lyrics to the song ‘I Love Paris’ There’s something about the air of Paris that sets it apart from other cities of the world. This capital city of France is famous for being an important centre of culture, education, fashion, media and science. There is, but, one more thing that Paris does beautifully – its churches and cathedrals. They stand as witness to the years gone by. Their stained glass windows gently looking down upon you as you enter their gates. The walls whisper stories of miracles that these cathedrals and churches have witnessed over the years. Listen carefully and you’ll be surprised at what you hear. When in Paris, you must think of visiting  [...]
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  • Health tourism in Kerala
    Health tourism in Kerala
    Indian is the new emerging talent in health and medical tourism. As early as 2006 the then US President George Bush renewed the joint effort to fight HIV-AIDS with India and offered to extend help to promote the country as a health tourism destination. Kerala is a paradise southern state of India which has out done its counterparts and taken the lead in health related tourism. Kerala combines it traditional ancient knowledge of ayurveda and modern science to create an unmatched combination. Beauty comes first! To give it real credit a famous local Malayalam song states that the god who made this heavenly state had a green thumb. It has also been rated by National geographic as one of the world’s fifty must see destinations in the whole globe. The state offers bustling rivers, serene lakes, dense enchanting jungles, pristine beaches  [...]
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    If you’re in the South East of Asia, and you’re cruising up from the area of Phnom Penh; then this is a must stop over. You could rest your tired feet at the town of Champasak which lies in Lao. An Introduction: Champasak lies in Lao, which is a landlocked country in South East Asia. Not as popular as it’s neighbors, Lao has remained unvisited by hordes of tourists. Champasak as a town lies around 25 miles downstream of Pakse’s southern hub. It is accessible from the Ban Muang docks; you could take a boat down from the shore that is located opposite the highway, once you’re there. A reminder of the town’s distinctive past stands in the form of a stone fountain, which is half decayed at this point in time. The entire town (well, literally almost all of it) is laid out on the stretch of a single  [...]
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  • Kashmir: Jewel of India
    Kashmir: Jewel of India
    Kasmir is like a diamond on the crown of India. The landscape of Kashmir is surrounded in the north by the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal in the south. There are great rivers which flow down the valleys which are covered by orchards and made beautiful by the lakes full of lilies. Among the important places to visit are the following sites Gulmarg: Also known as the meadow of flowers, Gulmarg lies at an altitude of 2730 meters. It is situated in the Baramulla district of Kashmir. It is also a world renowned tourist destination. Gulmarg is known for its unmatched beauty. Tall conifers full of dense forests surround this region. In all of India it is well known for its winter sports resorts. Gulmarg is famous for its serene highland golf courses and golf hikes. This place is also rated as one of the number 1 tourist destinations  [...]
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  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
    The Leaning Tower of Pisa
    The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a masterpiece and the pride of Italian architecture was built over a whopping 177 years.This magnificent construction took place in three stages. As early as the year 1173, saw the beginning of the construction of the first marble floor consisting of engaged columns. Then after a period of five years, came the twist in the tale. While work was in full swing on the third floor of the tower, the unusual happened. The tower began to sink into the foundation. A weak unstable foundation only three meters in depth was the culprit. But history had its mind set on the completion of the glorified tower. And hence almost a century the work on the tower was abandoned as the province of Pisa was busy engaging its neighbors in the battlefield. And so time healed and so did the soil of the foundation, which only great  [...]
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  • Must-see Places in Bangladesh
    Must-see Places in Bangladesh
    This easily accessible country in South Asia is just waiting to be discovered for it has rich culture and beautiful scenic city and rural life. The Mangroves of the Sundarban: The Sundarbans are the epicenter of many folklore and mysteries. These marshy lands stretch over an area of 80km into the Bangladeshi rural regions starting from the coast. These forests of the Sunderbans are the largest forests of mangrove in the entire world.  One third of the sunderbans is covered in water. Where Tiger is King! It is the home of the Royal Bengal tiger which rule these regions. People venturing into these jungles wear a human mask on the back of their heads as the tigers are said to attack from the back. There are an estimated 400 of these big cats in the mangroves of the sunderban. Surprisingly you won’t be able to spot any of these  [...]
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