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  • The Sistine Chapel Of The Palaeolithic Age – ALTAMIRA CAVES
    The Sistine Chapel Of The Palaeolithic Age – ALTAMIRA CAVES
    Altamira is, in today’s date, called the Sistine Chapel of the Palaeolithic Art. The reason why it’s given this name is due to its appearance and the immaculate beauty of the paintings found herein. The Discovery Of Altamira: A hunter called Modesto Cubillas was the first one to chance upon this cave. He had, all excited, entered the cave in the hope of chancing upon a lion or a bear; or some sort of wild animal. When he found nothing there, he continued on his hunt. Years later, Marcelino Sanz de Santuola, a nobleman from Santander, who considered himself as an amateur anthropologist, reached the caves with his daughter. His 8 year old daughter, Maria, is supposed to be called the real ‘discoverer’ of this fine piece of history that had been embalmed her for years together. The father-daughter duo had lit  [...]
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  • Deia, Mallorca (Spain)
    Deia, Mallorca (Spain)
    If you plan a trip to Mallorca (Spanish) or Majorca (English), things are bound to be unpredictable. Well, in the good way of course. Make a trip to the little Deia village in Mallorca and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. About Deia When you approach the village of Deia, you are greeted with a view of the Serra de Tramuntana, which makes for a picture-perfect backdrop of this Spanish Village. The ancient church which sits atop the hill gives an almost divine feeling to this entire region. Deia, as a whole, sits almost precariously above the seashore. It seems like its clinging to Tramuntana mountains while it gets flanked by olive groves, orchards full of lemon and a generous outburst of pine and cedar forests. Cala de Deia The shingle beach of Deia is more pebbly than anything else; but the sight of clear waters make you forgive  [...]
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    Ushuaia! Does the name ring a bell? Not really, eh? This remote little city, which comes under the purview of Argentina, is considered the southernmost city of the world. Little wonder that it doesn’t get its due publicity. The city of Ushuaia is located in a wide bay which is off the southern coast of the Tierra del Fuego island. To it’s north lies the Martial Mountain range and to its south – the Beagle Channel. The population of this city is estimated to be around the 64,000 range, that is dispersed on an area of 9,390 sq km. E. LUCAS BRIDGES If anyone can be given credit for aptly describing the experience of living, eating, sleeping and breathing in Ushuaia, it is E. Lucas Bridges. In his book ‘Uttermost Part Of The Earth’ published in 1948, Bridges speaks of his experiences in this remote city of  [...]
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  • Joyride to Jamaica
    Joyride to Jamaica
    Think Jamaica and inevitably think of Bob Marley! The sultry island of Jamaica, part of the uber-happening Caribbean Islands definitely go to put forth the remaining, and very self-explanatory deal attached along. Offering some of the greatest sites and sceneries to be experienced, the perfect chilled out vibe is derived with the different locations surrounding the place. Jamaica holds Hispaniola to the east while Cuba to the north. A majorly English speaking population, Jamaica is a member of the English Commonwealth. Jamaica is unique in all the ways! Be it their culinary quotient or their language, and undoubtedly the exotic locations of this place to be unmatched with any other location, Jamaica is nothing but entirely itself. Speak the Jamaican Way Although, most of the population converses in English, but the language that  [...]
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    The European continent has a lot of travel places to offer, and this has been clearly established over the years. But what if you’ve seen most of the conventional places that amazing Europe has in store for you? What then? Fret not! Journey idea has the perfect idea of an unconventional vacation that is bound to make for some lovely pictures to show your friends back home, or you could just upload it onto your facebook account. That ought to do the trick. Prepare to have the most obscure photos, because we’re giving you a lowdown on three of Europe’s numerous weird buildings. We think you mustn’t give these a miss if you’re in Europe and around these areas. THE DANCING HOUSE, CZECH REPUBLIC The dancing house is a nickname given to an office building that is located in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. The brain behind this  [...]
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    “Next morning early we started our toilsome return trip. The pony trail led under the arch. Along this the Ute drove our pack-mules, and as I followed him I noticed that the Navajo rode around outside. His creed bade him never pass under an arch. This great natural bridge, so recently ‘discovered’ by white men, has for ages been known to the Indians.” Theodore Roosevelt, after his 1913 visit, – A Book Lover’s Holiday in the Open Biggest Natural Bridge The biggest naturally formed bridge in the world, the Rainbow bridge towers could have been easily lost amongst the canyons located at the base of Navajo mountain. The structure, that is now declared as a National Monument, has been inspiring people throughout time. The discovery The bridge was discovered by the outside world in the early 20th century.  [...]
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  • Old Faithful
    Old Faithful
    The large geyser of Yellowstone National Park was in the news recently; for all the wrong reasons. On the 2nd of June, 2010, a lightning strike at the venue injured nine people who were waiting to watch the predictable geyser eruption. One man was hit directly by the bolt and had to be hospitalized. But before you let this piece of information scare you, let’s be clear about one thing – If you let this remote incident keep you away from Old Faithful, then you’re missing out on a trip of a lifetime. What is Old Faithful? Old Faithful is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Yellowstone National Park. It may not be the biggest geyser of the most regular one amongst the various options that Yellowstone has to offer; but it definitely is the biggest regular geyser. What is a geyser? Geysers are the natural versions  [...]
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  • Jungle Safari in Nepal
    Jungle Safari in Nepal
    Nepal has the most pristine and amazing collection of National Parks which can be neglected due to the other exciting activities of river rafting and mountain trekking. But a jungle cruising and safari can be just as exhilarating and exciting. Elephant back or by canoe! One can choose form a jungle jeep to elephant back ride or the most basic and humbling experience by foot with the company of an experienced guide. It is an ideal experience for anyone of any age group. Individuals can be close to nature and stay in a tent style accommodation at the parks or choose to occupy beautiful resorts. One can select a complete package of resort, meals and days full of activity. Indigenous natives and their traditions: During a jungle walk one can observe the beauty of the fauna of the jungle and view the various animals at close range. You  [...]
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  • The land of Salalah, Oman
    The land of Salalah, Oman
    Salalah, also known as the land of frankincense, is the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. What makes it even more special for the citizens of the country, is the fact that it’s the birthplace of the Sultan, Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Traditionally speaking, the Sultan lives in Salalah, rather than in Muscat. However, Sultan Qaboos has ditched this trend, and has preferred living in Muscat since he ascended the throne in 1970. CLIMATIC CONDITIONS Despite being close to the Arabian Desert, Salalah enjoys a tropical climate throughout the year. The south-west monsoons make their presence felt here, when the period from late June to early September brings respite to the Omanis in the form of showers. Oman, however, is hot; and this is one reason why people from Muscat flock to Salalah to enjoy the monsoon and be spared the  [...]
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  • An Unsolved Mystery of the Sailing Stones
    An Unsolved Mystery of the Sailing Stones
    A baffling phenomenon of nature or a paranormal display of supernatural existence or is it an alien intervention? Questions still remain unanswered while experts are still nailing down on what could be the accurate reason behind stones of Death Valley that slide by themselves, without the interference of humans or animals. In the southwest of the United States of America, lies this mysterious valley- popular as the hottest and driest location in North America. This lowest lying point of the continent is a deserted floor located in the Inyo Country by the border of California and Nevada, and consists of a dry lakebed named ‘Racetrack Playa’ which is proved to have the motion of rocks every two or three years. What are Sailing Stones? ‘Sailing Stones’ of Death Valley- named from their distinctive and mysterious feature are  [...]
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