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  • Must See Spots in Amsterdam
    Must See Spots in Amsterdam
    Relatively, Amsterdam is very small to be a European capital city, but no one can overlook the history and the world-class architecture and plenty of attraction, it possesses. Thus, Amsterdam is known to be quietest place to be and still is attracting tourists from all over the world. Here are few places to name which you should not miss out to visit. Most of the people do not visit this part of the city, even though it is the oldest part of the city. Amsterdam Red Light District! It has some three hundred years old buildings, overlooking the tree-lined canal. As its gets darker and darker, the district is filled by the different fluorescent lights and the crowd also gets busier. The district has many museums which erotic sculptures and pictures, minors are not allowed in there. The district formed as red light area in fourteenth  [...]
    Posted at April 29th, 2010 at 12:04 am
  • Tips to Visit Pyramid in Egypt
    Tips to Visit Pyramid in Egypt
    Egypt is known for its ancient pyramids, which have been always touted as one of the ancient wonders of the world. The reason being so old, completed in 2560 BC, thus makes pyramids must see travel destination. But some first visitors always are stuck into some problem while touring these wonders. So here we are, with some tips you should keep in mind before heading to visit magnificent structures: Just like you, there are other thousand tourists who come to Egypt to see pyramids and other attraction, so it would be best to reach at the pyramids before time. Until and unless, you are not in que, you will not be allowed in the pyramid as its compulsory to stand in que before entering the pyramid. To enter in Giza Plateau, the ticket will cost you eighty Egyptian pounds and to enter any one of the pyramid, it will cost you one hundred  [...]
    Posted at April 26th, 2010 at 12:04 am
  • Gothic Architectural Amiens Cathedral
    Gothic Architectural Amiens Cathedral
    In France, you will find many museum and landmarks, to name few, Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, and the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, and many more. But if you are tired of staying surrounded by crowd and just want to be some place quite. Then take a ride of hundred kilometers to the north direction of Paris. You will be amazed at the structure and architecture of this building. It is the Amiens Cathedral, originally known as Notre-Dame d’Amiens. It is the tallest cathedral in whole France. Amiens cathedral is very old structure, which took many years to complete. The work of the cathedral started in year 1220 and it got finished in 1288. In 1981, the cathedral name was listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main attraction of the Cathedral is the controversial head of John the Baptist. But whatever truth be, it has  [...]
    Posted at April 22nd, 2010 at 12:04 am
  • 3 Fascinating Islands on Planet Earth
    3 Fascinating Islands on Planet Earth
    The old maxim holds true: ‘No man is an island’. Even the wise need to know the best islands of the planet because they too could be living on one. A startling statistic puts the number of humans living on islands at 10 out of hundred. If you wish to travel to these marvels of nature make a not of the islands mentioned below. 1. The Pitcairn Islands The Pitcairn Islands are relatively unheard of. The island has a rich history. The HMS Bounty witnessed a mutiny. The crew along with a few Tahitian companions made the island their home. The descendants, almost 50 of them, preside over the entire island. The language of the inhabitants is Pitkem, which is a blend of English and Tahitian. Till date, you can view the wreck of HMS Bounty under water. The islands have become part of a British Overseas Territory. The island is volcanic  [...]
    Posted at April 19th, 2010 at 12:04 am
  • Day 32-35 – Long Awaited Chicago!
    Day 32-35 – Long Awaited Chicago!
    First and foremost things I had like to say “Hello” to my fellow readers after a gap of 4 days. Los Angeles was pretty much well, I enjoyed to the fullest extent especially at very “IN” and happening places like Disneyland and Universal Studios. After the fun filled day at Universal, it was very quite moment for me to return home very heavy hearted. But there always come an “End” to FUN after hilarious thrilling experiences of anyone’s life. I understood this fact, and started packing up my luggage to leave for Chicago the next morning. It’s been now three days; I haven’t had enough sleep or enough of rest. We had connecting flights from LA – Salt Lake City – Chicago, after getting down at Salt Lake City I was quite a bit excited about my next flight which I thought would be on time. But to my surprise, the  [...]
    Posted at April 16th, 2010 at 03:04 am
  • Day 31 – Universal Studios
    Day 31 – Universal Studios
    The same driver, the same bus was waiting for us at Hilton morning right at 7:30 am for pick up. It was a very pleasant day and the temperatures were expected at 70-75° Fahrenheit. I really wished a very exciting day today and indeed it was with lots of fun and thrill filled day. We started to drive along the streets of Hollywood Boulevard and within some time we were up at the top point of Hollywood hill. It was an amazing experience to see the whole of San Fernando Valley from the top of the hill. It looked amazingly beautiful, as it was early morning and we could smell the fresh flowers, grass and beautiful fresh air passing by. We stopped at a steep slope alongside the hill to click a few pictures with the word, “HOLLYWOOD” on the mountain. Our tour guide explained us about the beautiful area and also how the area was developed  [...]
    Posted at April 10th, 2010 at 11:04 pm
  • Day 30 – Wondrous Disneyland
    Day 30 – Wondrous Disneyland
    A morning pick up of sharp 7:30 am at Hilton, Woodland Hills we were waiting at the reception area enjoying the warmth inside while it was drizzling outside. Our tour guide, came in no time to pick us up, we were his first pick up for the day. For the next 30 minutes we were picking people from different hotels, later we stopped at the tour office to get our passes at Hollywood. The next 15 minutes in queue and we boarded our next bus to Disneyland, my dream destination! Nothing less than an hour of drive, we reached Disneyland and the rains stopped. Lucky we, I must say. The entry took us a while as the bags were being checked. After entering in, I was simply awe-struck with this fairyland full of fun, excitement and enjoyment. There were cartoons dancing on its mini streets, there were shops designed to look like homes, restaurants,  [...]
    Posted at April 8th, 2010 at 12:04 am
  • Day 28-29 Enjoying Los Angeles
    Day 28-29 Enjoying Los Angeles
    Wow, the morning was beautiful, the weather was good but it was a little lazy and boring to get up. We had a morning check out at 11:00 am from the hotel and I got up at 10:30, u hurriedly packed up everything in a mess. I was happy that hotel guys did not fine me for checking out at 12:00 noon. Well, we did not had much time to board our bus back to LA but enjoyed quite a bit well over the Vegas Strip. Even at noon 12 people were out on strip drinking and laughing and having fun. I browsed a quick look at the hotels and casinos I did not get chance into and entered Shea’s where I ate my Subway, it was filling lunch for me and later out on we went to Caesar’s to check my luck all over again. Right at 3:30 pm, our bus tour guide came to pick us up at Flamingoes. I had always loved these luxurious buses out here giving you all  [...]
    Posted at April 7th, 2010 at 09:04 pm
  • Day 27 – The wonders of Nevada, Arizona
    Day 27 – The wonders of Nevada, Arizona
    Wow! A beautiful morning and I could still hear some party going on around the places. Right at 7:00 am in the morning we were all ready to have a beautiful 14 hours journey to Grand Canyon. The Lux Bus took us around different hotels to pick up the hotel and after driving for sometime we got down at Anaheim to get our tickets to Grand Canyon and back. After waiting for nearly 20 minutes, we got our approved stickers on t-shirts and hop on to Bus No. 1. There were in all 5 buses with the same tour operator, the bus was quite filled up by the time we entered it so did not have much options to choose our seat. Well, the road was never ending and it seemed a little boring as if there is never going to be the end of journey. Our tour guide was a lovely man, he joked and gave speeches relating to whatever places we would pass around the  [...]
    Posted at April 6th, 2010 at 01:04 am
  • Day 26 – Sin City Las Vegas
    Day 26 – Sin City Las Vegas
    A tiring journey to Las Vegas, almost four and half-hours but yes they were fruitful after looking over at the mountainous ranges on freeways across the city of Los Angeles and the outskirts of Las Vegas. We took our morning pick-up from Days Inn at Hollywood right at 7:00 am. The bus was a shuttle bus that took us around the place where we were supposed to take over a big Luxbus Liner. It was long and luxurious bus providing us good comfort while on a travel with big windows and of course a free wi-fi service. After reaching Vegas, we were directed to our respective hotels. As we entered, I could sense there is lots of fun going on outside. There were shopping outlets on the roadside for a quick bargain and highly decorated bigger hotels and casinos like Flamingos, Caesars Palace, Imperial Palace, Casino Royale, Harrahs and lots  [...]
    Posted at April 4th, 2010 at 10:04 pm