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  • The Bush City Of World: Canberra
    The Bush City Of World: Canberra
    Canberra, won the round of being the capital of Australia in the fight of Sydney and Melbourne. Though Australia is more famously known for its cities Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra has epitomized face of Australia; it has carved itself into one of the niche city in Australia and all over the worlds. Canberra has its own charm that brings people all over to visit this city. It is the only planned city in Australia, it was based on the designs of city designs of Chicago architects Marion Mahony Griffin and Walter Burley Griffin. The city was heavily influenced by the Garden city movement. It has earned the title of Bush Capital. Canberra is one phenomenal city, for it’s the administration hub, cultural center, with best education facilities and class apart infrastructure. It has housed many governmental departments and agencies,  [...]
    Posted at December 22nd, 2009 at 04:12 am
  • Cherish A Memorable Romantic Hideaway In Oahu, Hawaii
    Cherish A Memorable Romantic Hideaway In Oahu, Hawaii
    Preferred as an ideal romantic destination, Hawaii woos people with its romantic aura. If, even you have spell bound in front of Hawaii’s mesmerizing beauty and toured for a romantic getaway or chosen Hawaii as your honeymoon destination, then check out these 10 cool ways for getting romantic in Oahu. Relish the fun of picnicking in an untamed beach Lying off shore from Lanikai Beach towards the windward direction of Oahu is the serene and hidden beach of Mokulua Island. Soak the pleasant atmosphere or stroll in the beach leisurely. If indulging in adventurous activities excites you, then go kayaking with your beloved partner. These many options will certainly spur your energy and help you in grabbing utmost fun. Pampering for two Twosome is always better than one, what’s say guys? Truly, if we have a person accompanying us  [...]
    Posted at December 14th, 2009 at 04:12 am
  • Fish River Canyon
    Fish River Canyon
    Hiking the canyon Renowned as paradise for hikers, the canyon is located in Namibia and is the world’s second largest canyon. The Fish River itself is the longest river in Namibia with its length being 650 kilometers. It moves to South-West of Ai-Ais into the Oranje from the eastern Naukluft Mountains.  Around 550- metres deep canyon came into existence some 500 million years back. One of the most visited tourist attractions; the canyon commences from Seeheim and concludes its journey at Ai-Ais. The River water is stopped in Mariental’s Hardap by dam hence, the water flow has relatively slowed down. The River gets dried up during wintry dry days. However, the rainy season most of the times bring floods into the River. Part and parcel of a Nature Conservation Park, the canyon vicinity will let you take a look at the creation  [...]
    Posted at December 8th, 2009 at 11:12 pm
  • Explore The Quirky Attractions Of Yelapa, Mexico
    Explore The Quirky Attractions Of Yelapa, Mexico
    Tourists looking forward for taking a break from the routine hustle and bustle of daily lives and seeking a tranquil spot, I have good news for you all. I have a destination which is an entity of its own kind. Serene ambiances, kindness, down-to-earth are namely few terms describing this enchanting spot. I think it is the perfect time to unleash the spot’s name as it seems that the heat has started igniting within. Concealed in isolation in the South Pacific Island, the simplistic hamlet of Yelapa, close to Puerto Vallarta is an idyllic town worth visiting. The bucolic little town of Yelapa is an ideal eco-friendly tourist destination. Simplistic and naïve charm adorns this spot, in fact Yelapa is a pastoral countryside, that got the illumination of electric power in the last decade only. Tour to fishing hamlet of Yelapa As we  [...]
    Posted at December 1st, 2009 at 01:12 am